March 9, 2021

Biggest animal shelter in Middle Asia

The "Правда Востока" newspaper ( ed. 'The Eastern truth' ) had published ,in October, two detailed articles about the biggest animal shelter in Uzbekistan .

Admittedly, correspondent Alexander Zotov made an inquisitive interview about the animal rights and their legal defenders with Timur Aripov who is an executive committee chairman of the Animal Defence Community "Mehr va Oqibat" ( ed. 'Kindness and Mercy' ). The signs of deep kindness and mercy are held in all the ranges of educational institutions to amendments of the legislation on animal protection proposed for consideration by competent departments on permanent basis.

A wonderful report accomplished by Evgenia Yun about the life of pets in the circus: how appropriate the presence of wild animals in the arena is. Considerably, this a huge emerging help to our business - reaching the audience with as much pain as possible is necessary, because, there is the only way people to listen to the existing issues, in particular, the cruel treatment to our little unprotected 'brothers'.

- Thank you for the high assessment of the work of our editorial staff. Returning to the topic: who proposed to name the shelter "Hayot" ("Life")?

- The name was chosen by universal suffrage: we made a poll for the animal protection group (HAYOT-LIFE shelter assistance group! Ed.) On Facebook. We offered many options “Good Home” “Everything is in your hands” “Chance”, but it seemed to us that it was “Hayot” that sounds beautiful and life-affirming. Website —

300 lives saved

- How many animals are there in the shelter now?

- We already have about 300 pets (November 1, 2018 - ed. 2021 — 2000 dogs). Each has its own story with one common detail - everyone was saved from death, they simply could not pass by. It often happens like this: a dog or cat was hit by a car collision, and the driver calmly went on about his business, did not even stop. Or they find wounded crippled animals on the street, which certainly cannot survive on their own. Many summer residents leave outside the city the dogs they need in the summer, and burdening the rest of the period. Compassionate people write posts on social networks, call volunteers: "please, take it, help." In the shelter, pets find not only a roof over their heads, food, but also treatment, care, and most importantly - love.

We try to attach our wards every day, choosing responsible owners and concluding an agreement with them on the transfer of the animal in order to be able to save as many of them as possible.

The plans are to carry out a large-scale sterilization in order to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats, then microchip the pets, enter information about them into an electronic database that is being formed in Uzbekistan.

– Do you receive many requests to take an animal from the shelter? Is their number commensurate with the number of offers to help?

The phone is broken by calls 99% asks to pick up a dog or cat, while people do not even want to pay for a zootaxi so that the animal is taken to the shelter. We cannot refuse, although sometimes we want to scream out of despair. Many people think it's easy for us: just think, cooked a bowl of soup, porridge, does it cost a lot ?! But this must be done every day and on what scale! And also treatment, sterilization, remuneration of three caretakers (November 1, 2018 approx.ed.), Construction costs ...

– Why did you decide to volunteer?

Fortunately, many people devote themselves to charity: someone helps to orphanages, others help people with disabilities, others help the elderly, and so on. I believe that such caring people know how to feel someone else's pain even more than their own and cannot help but help. They see life in all its variety. Here, on the one hand, we do business, art, have fun, earn money, we have housing, food, clothing, equipment. But, on the other hand, Cats and dogs are forced to enter a every second struggle for physical survival, cognizing hunger, cold and cruelty. Often they simply do not pay attention to them, so as not to injure their psyche and not knock themselves out of the rut of a comfortable attitude. As if it is not near us, but somewhere in another dimension.

However, one must understand: everything is happening here and now. And we must help today, tomorrow it may be too late ...

You asked why you decided to become a volunteer ... In general, it is normal to help those in need. The opposite is not normal. Yes, it happens, I come across a misunderstanding of others who do not share my enthusiasm. And I just can't imagine how you can be kind to people, and cruel to smaller brothers? What example do we set for children? After all, they should realize from an early age that animals need our care. Then, with age, they will project such a caring attitude on people. I want to say one thing: only by helping others, you feel that such an existence makes sense.

Take an example! What does the shelter need? How can I help you?

First of all, food. Just imagine: every day, a few hundred kilograms of offal and a bag of cereals are spent on feeding all pets two times a day. (buckwheat, millet, oats, chaff!. We cook porridge with the addition of vegetables. Human resources are also needed, for example, help with cleaning the territory. We constantly need warm clothes, blankets, medicines, building materials, transport - to carry food, deliver animals to the clinic. The most important thing is that every pet dreams of a home.Help us add animals, find loving owners for them! All options are here —

– Does the shelter have sponsors?

– No, (November 1, 2018 approx ed) unfortunately, the shelter exists thanks to several like-minded women who carry this burden, devoting all their free time to caring for animals. I hope people from all over Uzbekistan will follow our example. How many smaller brothers we can save then!

Yulia Sarymsakova spoke with Iroda Matkarimova