Animal shelter Hayot in Tashkent Uzbekistan
Animal shelter Hayot located in the suburb of Tashkent (Uzbekistan) was founded by Iroda Matkarimova in 2018 and now keeps 2500+ dogs
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How does the first animal shelter survive in Uzbekistan?

They are treated like toys, they are thrown into the streets where they daily fight for a chance to live, die because of the cold and hunger. Unfortunately, in the modern world the attitude to animals is not good. Thus, it is big and good news that there are people who care about animals and put them in the first place trying to save and protect those who cannot do it themselves. ASPCA waited for a long time when there will be the first animal shelter in Uzbekistan and it finally happened – a group of volunteers made the dream come true.

People of the city: Iroda Matkarimova

The iron lady of Tashkent told about the biggest animal shelter and how to start a business from the purchase of electrodes.

Awaiting for a miracle: how do people’s friends live in the animal shelter “Hayot Life”? (Photos)

“This is Betti. Thoroughbred British Bulldog. We redeemed her in the clinic where she was brought by her owners. Betti who gave them elite puppies for sale became no longer needed and they decided to put her to sleep.

Devoted to people or betrayed by them? The history of the animal shelter.

The "Hayot Life" Shelter greets the volunteers with barking voices. Dozens of dogs, large and small, immediately run out to meet them: wagging their tails, impatiently touching their paws, flashing wet noses and attentive eyes. Everyone wants to get their part of affection and warm touch.

The Whole World in One Glance

27 captured moments of calling eyes, more than 400 dogs and a perspective of the photographer Yulia Mun, who dared to do a good deed.

Biggest animal shelter in Middle Asia

The "Правда Востока" newspaper ( ed. 'The Eastern truth' ) had published ,in October, two detailed articles about the biggest animal shelter in Uzbekistan .