Animal shelter Hayot in Tashkent Uzbekistan
Animal shelter Hayot located in the suburb of Tashkent (Uzbekistan) was founded by Iroda Matkarimova in 2018 and now keeps 6000+ dogs. 2500+ rehomed
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Tashkent Hosts Eco-festival to Celebrate "May 12 Ecological Education Day."

The Tashkent City Party Organization of the Environmental Party of Uzbekistan partnered with Hayot Shelter for their joint environmental conservation and animal welfare mission.

"Love, protect, neuter." Shelter for Stray Dogs "Hayot" implements a project for homeless animals

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Ovoza news about Hayot Shelter and Mushukkent project (video)

In such severe frosts it is not easy not only for people, but also for animals. We can see this in social media videos of animals freezing in the streets. But there are kind-hearted people who, in terrible cold, are not indifferent to our smaller brothers. Ovoza news correspondent interviewed the founder of Hayot Shelter for Stray Dogs.

Daryo team visits outdoor cat houses erected under Mushukkent project

Everyone has a right to housing, and stray cats are no exception. With this in mind, law enforcement agencies and local animal lovers launched the Mushukkent project. The first such outdoor cat house in Uzbekistan's capital was erected in 2019. Source –

Uzbekistan: Humane Treatment of Stray Animals Still Far Off

Despite tougher penalties for animal cruelty in the Uzbek legislation, animal rights activists and enthusiasts are worried about the increase in animal cruelty cases.

Hayot Animal Shelter teaches Kindness in local schools

The Hayot Animal Shelter on Friday (November 18) conducted Kindness to Animals Lesson in the Tashkent school of Mirzo Ulugbek district. This activity has been running by pound since 2018 when it was first established, the founder Iroda Matkarimova told the Daryo correspondent. Source

Dogs and Cats Exhibition "Way Home"

Exhibition Way Home" presented cats and dogs rescued by volunteers of animal shelters "Hayot" and "Mushukkent".

PEOPLE's Quick Guide: How to protect your pet from dog hunters

Date: 13.04.2021

Paintings auction and fluffy tails: how the SOKO-fest in support of homeless animals was held in Tashkent

Date: 31.05.2021

The Mayor of Almalyk offered a new land plot for a branch of the Hayot shelter

Date: 03.12.2020

A dog is the best friend: homeless animals looking for owners at SOKO Festival

TASHKENT, May 31 2021 - Sputnik. The first festival devoted to homeless animals was held in the capital of Uzbekistan. How shelters for stray animals can change the lives of cats and dogs, and rescue them from animal catching and control services, was addressed by Sputnik.