May 16, 2021

Awaiting for a miracle: how do people’s friends live in the animal shelter “Hayot Life”? (Photos)

“This is Betti. Thoroughbred British Bulldog. We redeemed her in the clinic where she was brought by her owners. Betti who gave them elite puppies for sale became no longer needed and they decided to put her to sleep.

And this is – Jessi. She is pretty old, all her life she guarded the house and then her owner moved and left her alone among useless, old rubbish.

This baby lost his eyes – people gouged them out and hit him by his head.

And this one was caught and taken by Animal Control.

Iroda Matkarimova, the head of the “Hayot Life” shelter, stops almost at each aviary. All inhabitants living here have their own story – and each of them is always tragic but still, there is a small hope for the happy end that depends on each of us.

… They are thrown into the street; they freeze and die because of the hunger, cold, and cruelty of those who think they are crown of nature and are confident that silent creatures do not feel pain. Day by day they fight for life, try to survive, live in the fear and desperation. Those who are in shelter are extremely lucky – they have food and a roof above the heads, and most important – each of them has a chance to find his own person who will see, love, and take home. And despite everything they believe in people, trust them, wait, look for and look into the eyes wagging the tail non-stop.

There are almost 400 dogs in the “Hayot Life” shelter. This burking, funny crowd is fed twice a day. Meat products and chaff are purchased in bags and boiled in three 100 liters caldrons.

The land for shelter after much paperwork, applying to different authorities was provided by the Kibray governmental authority “Kibray khokimiyat”. Now there is a building – work with the electricity and construction of the aviaries for animals. Together with injured animals, every day three dogs are driven to Tashkent for castration and sterilization. Moreover, zoo taxi delivers food for animals, unnecessary clothes for shelter’s keepers and workers, petrol for generator – it is already cold in Mayskiy village (Майский) – dogs, cats and people freeze.

The maintenance of the shelter is not cheap for its heads – expenses are huge. We were able to make sure of this personally, having stopped at the local place of shopping in Mayskiy village (Майский) before the trip to the shelter. Ant those who need warmth and food become bigger and bigger.

Iroda Matkarimova says: “Many dogs are brought by Animal Control. We have an agreement with them. They are delivered in bags, cages. Often they are puppies without a mother. We nurture them, put to the dogs that have puppies, find new owners, of course, it is possible but it is due to the social network. However, unfortunately, one or two dogs are taken but instead new ten is brought.

The Head and workers of the shelter are extremely thankful to people for their contribution and help to the animals. Almost everyday shelter receives money from people who understand how hard it is for two women to carry on their shoulders the mission to help animals.

Except for money, shelter needs dry food for dogs and cats, not the most expensive. During the cold weather it is difficult to make a fire for cooking the food and that’s why it is necessary to keep dozens of food bags in the warehouse. Also, there should be groats, blankets, old sofa pillows, mattresses – dogs, especially, short fur, are very cold.

The biggest dream of people and animals is that every inhabitant of the shelter has a friend, a friend who will never betray, send out but instead will share a piece of bread. And for this these cute, friendly creatures will give endless loyalty and love, mixed with sincere gratitude. They will not care about your social status and the thickness of money in the wallet. They will be waiting for you in the evening at home and meeting you with a bright show named “Finally you came!”

All dogs in the shelter “Hayot” are awaiting for attention, kindness, and some good words. They are very easy to communicate with. By the way, at the end we finally found out why there is a strong wind in the village – thousands of tails create it.

Everyone who wants to share warm, kindness, walk together or hug is always welcomed in the shelter. Perhaps, your heart will be touched and you come back home not alone but with new member of your family – barking or mewing , fluffy or short fur, big or small – but for sure with devoted eyes touching the thinnest string of the soul and confessing in the endless love.

Original Text in Russian prepared by Anna Gricenko, Tashkent, 12.12.2018