April 2, 2021

Different Types of Bansuri for Different Performances

Different bansuri's are built to play at different scales. Pick the right bansuri based on your need. E base flute is the most common flute that is used for classical performance. It is preferred for its deep sound that is well suited to be played in large halls packed with audience. It also is preferred for the way it emotes the nuances of the classical music. If you have small fingers, choosing a F-sharp base will also work.

Testing the Bansuri

When testing the bansuri, first play the SA sound and observe the right tuning and hissing noise it makes. Some of the hissing gets fixed with practice but some bansuris have a flaw in how they made which results in the hissing sound. After that, test playing the full octave and notice if all the notes are accurate.

Go and then play the alankaras, especially the ones where you skip notes. This will show if the holes are in places that is easy for you to play. If you are able to play these correctly and comfortably and the bansuri is well tuned, you found your bansuri or your bansuri has found you.

Bansuri music is one of the most beautiful sounds nature has gifted us and we at The Mystic Bamboo Academy will be thrilled to help you along in this journey. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us either to get advice on the right bansuri for you or for online classes for intermediate and beginner students.