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Learning a new instrument like Bansuri has become easier with the help of online flute lessons conducted by ShriHimanshu Nanda.
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Online Flute Course by Himanshu Nanda

Aspiring to learn Indian bamboo flute? Welcome to The Mystic Bamboo Academy of Online flute Lessons. Here you'll find the most comprehensive, step-by-step online program for learning how to play the Indian bamboo flute. The online flute course caters to all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Different Types of Bansuri for Different Performances

Different bansuri's are built to play at different scales. Pick the right bansuri based on your need. E base flute is the most common flute that is used for classical performance. It is preferred for its deep sound that is well suited to be played in large halls packed with audience. It also is preferred for the way it emotes the nuances of the classical music. If you have small fingers, choosing a F-sharp base will also work.

Health benefits of playing the Bansuri

Since most of the music classes are now online due to the pandemic finding good flute training online for beginners is important. You can now learn online bansuri classes from the comfort of your home.

Beginner flute lessons online free by Himanshu Nanda

If you are new to Bansuri, it is very essential that you understand instrument design and how to get early sound and correct finger positioning. This course will ensure that you get the basics right and also understand the deeper importance of the instrument and the music it creates for the inner journey.

Storing and Carrying the Flute/Bansuri - Himanshu Nanda

The temperature of the place affects the tuning of the bansuri a lot. It is vulnerable to rapid change in temperature. Especially in cold places, blowing directly into the bansuri can cause cracks due to sudden temperature change. To avoid this, it is ideal to play the Flute/Bansuri at room temperature. We can also rub the flute/bansuri by gently gliding our palm on it to make it a little warm.

Why flute is one the best musical instruments to learn, especially during this pandemic?

Learning to play a musical instrument is no easy task. It requires dedication, time and effort over a period. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to master a musical instrument. There are various instruments to choose from, but the one that stands out is the Bansuri or the bamboo flute. Why is this one the best musical instruments to learn, especially during this pandemic?

Online Flute Course by Himanshu Nanda

Flute is one of the most melodic musical instruments whose sound soothes the soul and relaxes the mind. There are two types of flutes, fipple (basically used in folk music) which is widely found in all melas/carnivals and transverse (basically used in classical music).