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SNGLS против трендов рынка!

Торгуйте SNGLS на CHAOEX! 17% рост в течение 1 дня!

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CHAOEX стала первой и основной платформой для торговли токеном PFR! А проект Payfair подарит 50,000 PFR для вновь зарегистрированных пользователей. Торгуйте с CHAOEX и зарабатывайте больше!

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ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ приложений CHAOEX для Android и iOS!

Пожалуйста, обратите внимание на недавние обновления приложений CHAOEX для Android и iOS!

15 years old hacker vs McAfee and other news in CHAOEX News Digest!

🔸The TRON Silicon Valley team from old golden bay in the United States received 103,002,296 votes, becoming the 20th community node. Besides that, according to the Tron community website, Tron is partnering with Spanish digital currency platform Bitnovo, through which users can buy TRX in more than 20,000 stores in Spain and Italy. TRX is trading at an average of $0.025 and you are welcome to trade your TRX with CHAOEX!🙌🏼

Crypto-driven US Congressmen, where to spend Bitcoin and other news in CHAOEX news digest!

🔸DISH, the U.S. satellite TV giant and subscription model pay-tv provider, has announced accepting bitcoin cash as its second cryptocurrency payment option, according to CCN. Previously, the provider added bitcoin to its payment system in 2014.📺

Buy your slice of pizza with TRX and... more news in CHAOEX News Digest!

📍Sun said on his weibo account that a decentralized payment solution based on the blockchain is now launched and already running on the TRX network. Besides that, an American pizza restaurant is now accepting TRX payments. Come to International Pizza & Burgers and pay with TRX! Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

McAfee owes $250 k to cryptohackers?! Read Weekly news Digest from CHAOEX!

📍 Group of cryptoenthusiasts said that broke John McAfee’s BitFi crypto-wallet and received on the device administrator rights. McAfee said that under the hacking understands they should have stolen cryptocurrency. Since it was not stolen, then they don’t deserve the award of $250.000 😇

GREAT GIVEAWAY is coming to celebrate The First Anniversary of CHAOEX!

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