Being Awesome

by @ilham
Being Awesome

Build your self esteem and confidence

Self confidence and self esteem are very attractive qualities. Girls will fall head over heels for a guy that is confident in himself and what he can do. Do things that build your confidence in yourself like volunteering, learning a new skill, or traveling.

  • You can build confidence by volunteering with an organization like Homes for Humanity. This will give you the chance to prove to yourself and everyone else that you can do something and make a difference.
  • You can also boost your confidence by learning a new skill, like a second or third language. This can be done easily and for free online with sites.

Don’t compare yourself to others

This is not going to make you feel any better about yourself. The only person you can ever be is you and that is great! Show the world how awesome you can be and stop trying to be somebody else’s brand of awesome.

  • Don’t try to act like anyone other than yourself either. Girls will notice you trying to hard and being all fake and they will not find that attractive. Acting like some gangsta thug when you grew up rich in the suburbs? Sorry, poser. She’ll notice. Just be you and be happy about being you. Girls will find that very attractive.

Take care of yourself and your appearance

Don’t neglect personal hygiene or your wardrobe. Why would a girl like you if you didn’t even like yourself enough to take care of your body? Wash your hair and body regularly, use deodorant, wear clothes that don’t have holes or stains, and brush your teeth.

  • Don't worry too much about wearing brand name clothes. She'll notice a lot more if your clothes fit you well and are in colors that make you look great, not what letter is written on the chest.
  • Don't go overboard, of course. Some gel in your hair is probably good, but it shouldn't look wet and be rock hard, you know?

Be approachable

Don’t seem angry, upset, douchey or otherwise unpleasant to talk to. If you seem like you’re mad at her every time you talk to her, why would she want to talk to you, much less date you? Smile, be friendly, and try to make yourself easy to talk to by, you know, talking.

Be an amazing person

Be someone that girls want to date. You don’t have to be smart but at least try to be knowledgeable and curious. Be a kind person that works hard to improve the lives of people around you. And do something with your life. That part is really important. Get out there and work to make a better life for yourself.

  • You can become more knowledgeable by reading about things that interest you. Did you know they have entire books about the evolution of weapons like swords? Books about how they think dinosaurs killed their prey? Yeah, library time.
  • Consider your dreams. What do you want for your life? What is your great passion? Showing that passion is really attractive to girls: they want to think that you'll love them as much as you or whatever.

Be kind and funny

Try to help her and always smile at her. A smile can make her day much better. Don't try to act cool and don't always talk to your friends when she's around. Try to set some time alone with her and talk to her in a kind voice.

Keep up in school

You don't have to get perfect grades, but at least shoot for "A"s and "B"s. Get good grades, but don't become arrogant either. Offer to help her with assignments she is having trouble with or offer to help her study for a test. Don't take it personally if she says she doesn't want your help though.

  • Staying organized is also very important. You don't want to look like a mess in class all the time trying to find your homework in front of her. Most girls like organized boys that turn in their assignments on time.

Join sports

This can not only attract many girls, especially cheerleaders and other girls that also play sports, but also boost your self-confidence. Girls like boys who are in shape and are athletic. Tryout for sports and get on a team with people that go to your school.

May 4, 2018
by @ilham