January 15, 2015

Navigator reveals one of the elements of the script XX


January 15th, 15:24

Details scenario "XX" (Hatyn - Holocaust) are starting to become apparent:
"Damned Ukrainians" on a day of mourning in memory of the victims of the Holocaust (or to this day: 23 - 29 January), will organize some sort of attack such as "arson" what ever type of school and so on (by the way - do not understand why they need it in ?! Response to "sluggishness of the West", or what?). We note here that on January 28 PUTIN AGAIN WILL NOT IN MOSCOW! It's that time to be with his friend - Czech President Zeman! And from there with a mournful mien announce on TV - well, you see, I told you so, warned. "And your Yatsenyuk - a fascist." We're " celebrating the Holocaust "and they - IS staged.
This naturally cause an outcry of Ukraine as a whole.
And Putin's regime - twisted ! Substitution of concepts - his favorite welcome !
Here it is worth noting a strange decision of the parliamentary body of the EU , which makes it possible interpretations of any "future situations," almost dictatorial similar laws Yanukovych from 16 January 2014. Perhaps our vision mistake, but by definition MEPs play THINNER yanykovskih blockheads.After all, did not condemn the L / DNI as terrorists the European Parliament of ... SUPPORTED ?!
This is a very dangerous scenario, but thanks to our joint efforts, we can still have time to pull the fangs in this viper and thus - to defuse it.
The more that the US and Britain seems to have finally got to the core of almost jointly game Europeans in support of Vin .
Original taken from navigator011 a double agent gebnya and MorozovAs a rule, the majority of our emigrants are in the west and testing complexity easily falls into the network becomes gebnya and their agents. I am not talking about those who knowingly introducing into Western structures under the guise of "dissidents" or "victims" of the regime.

Today was browsing Learn from morozowvp . and opsss ...........
found this comment in his article;



2015-01-15 00:20 (UTC)

Acts of terrorism under the Christian slogans "in Ukraine? Or Ukraine will make these" terrorist acts under the Christian slogans "in Europe? Thanks, it became clear what to expect from the Russian special services.

Comment is very relevant, as we see gebnya worldwide began to blackmail the Europeans with new attacks
Here is an example of the latest threats
" gebnya west facing cam - 28 comments »

Give think I will throw off the link to this threat by Dragunov Learn to Morozov and .......................
discovered that I am not allowed to comment on LJ Morozov.

State Morozov, I have it for you, I became so dangerous?
Well, obviously when I banyat in Muridke, or even in a garbage gebeshnoy
And we're kind of in the same boat? In the west, so to speak?

Are you afraid?
With your grandmother and roof?
The fact that you got me banned ADVANCE, although I very rarely do you have, I view as an indicator that you're a double agent and not the one they say they are.

TRY me an answer, if not afraid of course

A blogger turtaniat , absolutely right.
Gebnya going to create new forms of terrorism and wage war under the guise of conventional "Ukrainians" in Europe.
Wants to cause allergies to the Ukrainians from the Europeans.
(Such plans gebni! - Imed3)
Look what a vile phrase from Morozova "In Ukraine, the Christian radicalism do not have even a step. He has already been born, although "not visible". "

It's pipets, laugh, "He has already been born, although" not visible "."
We all do not see him, but his double agent gebnya already seen
They are going to show it to us, it is obvious