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IoT and water management around the home

There are a number of ways in which IoT is revolutionising water management. These efficient new solutions both current and in the making have come at the right time given the current challenges that the global water industry now faces due to an increasing population, eco-system pollution, and water rights amongst many more.

Implications of IoT Security in Construction Use Cases

In IoT security, concerns and confusion remain. An IoT security strategy for a construction company has to focus on not only preventing intrusion but also quick detection and recovery.

Is 5G Ready for IoT?

5G is finally here. But, for anyone planning an IoT project right now, what are 5G’s benefits – and is it truly a viable option?

Using an MQTT Broker? Here’s Why You Need to Think About Scalability

MQTT broker scale parabolically as you add devices, so you should always keep this in mind as you scale any IoT platform that's based on MQTT.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The Brain of a Smart City

We must carefully consider the ways in which data can personalize smart city experiences, and the bias and privacy concerns of leveraging AI and ML in a smart city context.

How Companies Are Leveraging Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub

The article details out how Microsoft Azure has been used by some of the biggest companies in the world to incorporate IoT into some of the products they're building.

6 Ways 5G Will Change the IoT Solutions Space

The implementation of 5G will facilitate smoother, more robust and multi-tiered networks. How will this affect the IoT solutions space? For one, it will hasten the dawn of the smart city.

3 Ways AI Improves Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturers often view AI as highly complex and expensive, requiring end-to-end systems throughout their whole company to work properly. The reality is, AI is much more focused and achievable. It can work on factory floors with minimal construction and get connected to machines via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With this article, the author presents key advice and three scenarios for how manufacturing intelligence has been used in real settings.

3 “First Step” Smart City Projects You Can Begin in 2019

You don't have to reinvent everything to start your smart city journey. Here are 3 “first-step” smart city projects you can begin in 2019.

What Does it Mean to Be Digital Twin Enabled?

Digital twins can be used to unlock meaningful insights for commercial real estate owners, operators, and occupants. In a complex world whose nuances are only deepening, now is the time to bring your buildings into the digital age and unlock new efficiencies and insights.