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Here’s How the Best Cbse School in Patna Will Protect Students After Reopening!

Here’s how the Indirapuram Public School Girls which is known as one of the best school in Patna, is trying to protect their students as soon as they reopen.

The Best School in Patna is Telling Students How to Cope with Stress during COVID-19!

the top school in Patna has taken an initiative to tell students some ways to cope with stress which will surely help them in dealing with the critical phase.

Top School in Patna Explains the Difference between Online Learning and Distance Learning

Online learning and remote learning, are the two terms that every student has heard the most during this critical phase of the global pandemic followed by a long lockdown. Many of the students are taking them as one and the same thing. And therefore, the top school in Patna has taken the initiative to clarify it to students in an efficient way.

How parents can contribute in Girls’ school education

Here is some point that will help to know about how parents can contribute to Girls’ school education.

A Guide to Parents from IPS- The Top School in Patna to Meet COVID-19 Challenges

While the children are spending most of their time at home away from the school, the parents are given some of the guidelines to help their children in reacting to the stressful and changing day-by-day situations. Visit : http://www.ipsgirlspatna.com/

Health and Safety Guidelines by the Best CBSE School in Patna

Here are the health and safety guidelines given by the top school in Patna. All the parents and students must have a look at them as these are what important for the health of everyone. These are the measures that would be taken at the schools in full-fledged form.

Top skills a girl child should grow up learning

Evolution — personal and societal — should always be happening at a positive. Mere cramming would not help in the world of today and following things should be a part of girls’ school in which you are sending your daughter. Below are the skills each girl should master while growing up. http://www.ipsgirlspatna.com/

Education in Times of COVID-19: How Best School in Patna- IPS and Students are Coping

This global pandemic has left students clinging on to their laptops and mobile screens. And, if this lockdown were to be extended for some more time, how would this affect higher education? And this is how everyone is coping right now!https://www.ipsgirlspatna.com/

How the Best School in Patna is helping Children Cope with COVID-19?

The COVID-19 crisis has put the world on hold and affected all the major parts of the society. One of the most crucial parts of the society is the Indian Education system which has been highly affected by this global pandemic. There are many different reasons where children are feeling helpless and are looking for solutions to cope with the ongoing situation. Looking at this scenario, the best school in Patna has come up with different ways in which they’re helping their children to cope with COVID-19. 1. Bring them in a comfort zone Our young learners are fighting with the changed realities of life in the challenging times of covid-19. This pandemic has suddenly changed their lives and they’re struggling hard enough to cope with...

4 Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills by The Best School in Patna- IPS

It is one of those unwritten and unexplained parts of classroom teaching that needs to planned and understood by you on your own. After that, you need to focus on developing four key abilities which are all mentioned here.https://www.ipsgirlspatna.com/