How same sex school are actually a boon for girls

Girls outperforming boys at academics

Reports of American Psychological Association and UK organization UCAS have stated that girls on the whole get better grades in all school subjects as compared to male classmates, and that scenario has been witnessed in multiple countries since the early 20th century. Few platforms project these findings sometimes in a state of moral panic, where they have perceived a threat towards the growth and job prospects of male pupils.

The burden of ‘gender gap’ in school systems is often born by ‘lack of male teachers’. On the other hand, statistics and reports show that a teacher’s gender has hardly any effect on a student's academic achievement. Moreover, female students perform better because they have positive perceptions about academics and its impacts on life, they read more, study more and are far more sincere while in lessons. Even, they behave with more discipline at schools.

Lower academic achievement and performance of male students at school is concerning, it is time to highlight the fact that girls can be experiencing anxiety due to  greater feelings of doubt, and alienation in the male dominant society, especially the Indian one.

Problems with co-ed schools as social setups

School systems are not just the boundaries where one studies, they are also building blocks of social brought up. The same social attitudes, practices and discourses which are found in schools display the micro-social environments of the society outside on the whole. Child psychology plays a vital role in one’s life and pupils don’t shed the complexities of adolescent life when stepping out of boundaries of the school. In fact, they get intensified for some.

For the female students of the co-ed school system, the realities of being a young woman in a patriarchal society stay explicitly and implicitly included in the social practices of schooling. For instance, body shaming and social media presence are subjects related to pressures that potentially trigger girls’ emotional weaknesses. Reactions to these woes mostly ponder upon girls’ lives without realizing how perceptions of women’s bodies in society are constructed and reproduced, and schools serve as a catalyst in this process.

Various measures have been taken to fill the gender gap, more steps are required to understand and better female pupils’ social experience and well-being within school premises.

How single sex schools are boon for females?

Students enrolled in single-sex environments have been seen imbibing high self-worth and confidence than their peers at coeducational set-ups. Some reports have shown that college professors have stated often that they can spot an all-girls’ school passed out more easily when they enter the college level.

Girls will grow beyond gender stereotypes and their competitive side will shine fully in a single-sex academic setting. Girls develop better understanding about what's happening. Everybody feels comfortable being their true self.

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