Ideal Amount to Start SIP Investment

Talking of investments and financial freedom, you will hear about Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) in mutual funds. It is considered as one of the most safest and reliable modes of investment where you can start with just Rs 500 and in some cases, it is even Rs 100. With SIP route to equity investments, you can accumulate a good corpus in a long term.

Let’s find out what is the ideal amount to invest in SIP and more about it at

March 11, 2019
by @jaysingh

Best Mutual Funds to Invest for Your Daughter’s Marriage

Indian weddings are the ones which are known for their lavishness. With lights, food, songs, and dances, the color that blinks the most is gold. Well, as all that glitters come with a price tag, thus the culture of exchanging gold in the Indian weddings is definitely an expensive affair which needs prior planning and investing. Talking of prior investing, it’s easier to walk step by step than investing a big corpus at once and seek interest on it. Read more at

February 23, 2019
by @jaysingh

What are the Best Recommendations for My Portfolio under Reliance Mutual Funds?

There has been an endless debate on whether one should invest in mutual funds, and if yes, then what are the best options available to him. Well, answering this question universally doesn’t seem to be practical, since there are millions of investors with equally large aspirations. What may be desired by one may be totally useless to the other. Hence, in such a case the best recommendations of funds can be given only by reading the individual profiles of investors. But, there are certain fund houses that provide products that can fit all. Read more at

February 22, 2019
by @jaysingh
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