Casablanca Hotel: 100% relaxation guaranteed

Exploring Subic Bay will never leave you disappointed because of a lot of attractions you can find on the place that you will surely appreciate and love. Your whole family or group of close friends will definitely have a good time around the area, but after a day of constant fun and adventures, your body will certainly need a perfect relaxation and you can find it at Casablanca Hotel. You can also spend a few nights at the hotel to simply take advantage of all the excellent comfort the hotel could provide to you.

Entering the hotel can already make you feel that everything will turn out well because of the overall good ambiance of Casablanca. You will definitely give a thumbs-up on how the entire place was beautifully constructed from outside to inside. Moreover, seeing your room will make you say that choosing Casablanca is surely worth it because of how everything was well-prepared and on its best condition inside the room. The room can pamper both your body and mind because of its cool and refreshing air provided by a well-maintained air conditioner. You don’t need to shop outside for your basic needs because they were all provided at your room such as the kitchen utensils along with other important kitchen tools and an electric water pot for preparing coffee, toothbrushes and toothpaste, towels, blankets, etc. The hotel staff ensures to be committed to organizing and preparing all the things required for meeting your room needs.

We’re now going to talk about the staff of Casablanca Hotel and there’s one word to describe their service and that is satisfactory. Proper training is certain to every member of the staff, that’s why guests are always thankful for the hard work of the whole staff in doing their respective jobs. Erase all your doubts and worries about the staff of the hotel because they are all surely nice and helpful. Their kind gestures and genuine smiles will make you feel at home. Your satisfaction during your stay is their primary goal, thus they will do their best in fulfilling your needs. The staff responsible for handling special events at the hotel was all proven meticulous and careful in doing their jobs to prevent encountering huge problems along the way.

Have a full stomach often at Casablanca Hotel because of its irresistible and delicious foods. You can decide whether to have a Filipino or some foreign meals. The staff knows you needed a good amount of energy to experience more fun throughout your day thus they make sure that the hotel’s food could fill your energy gauge meter and satisfy your taste. You will also consider yourself lucky with their free breakfast and a lovely dinner with a small band performing live to entertain you while you’re eating.

At Casablanca Hotel, you’ll also notice its attracting pool, especially the tall tower at its center and a mini-bar alongside it. Your kids can have fun at the kiddie pool while you’re enjoying drinking some beverages offered at the bar. You can really relax to your heart’s content at this place and once your stay ended; you won’t surely have any regrets because all are worth it.

You too can experience the 100% relaxation guaranteed at Casablanca Hotel, so book now and prepare a trip for the whole family to experience genuine happiness and comfort.

February 22, 2018
by @jeffkong11

Casablanca Hotel: Feel the comfort you and your family deserve

Once in a while, you would like to relax both your mind and body from the tiring reality especially if you’re an adult working hard for your family. And if you choose Subic Bay to spend your break in order to enjoy and relax, and try different activities and see beautiful sceneries, then make Casablanca Hotel your home to return to. You can also bring the whole family since the hotel can accommodate each member very well.

Once your eyes meet the exteriors of Casablanca Hotel, you’ll already feel relaxed and appreciate its good general construction and nice design, and when you’re inside, their pools would definitely catch your attention and you would like to dive in already. The place is compatible with all ages where adults can enjoy the refreshing beverages at the bar, and the children can have fun at the kiddie pool.

Many previous guests often comment about the cleanliness of the place and their thanks were directed to the hardworking staff of Casablanca Hotel. Every room offers everything you need to have a relaxed stay, and you can also enjoy watching from their TV that provides good channels you would like to watch when you don’t feel like swimming outside for a moment.

Filipinos are known around the world as one of the happiest people, so it won’t be a problem if you’re from overseas and planning to stay at Subic Bay for your vacation. The staff at Casablanca Hotel would surely welcome you with honest smiles and with an accommodating service. You would really feel at home with Casablanca since the staff would also take care of you and your needs as if you’re a family member.

If you’re hoping to have a decent stay at Subic Bay at a reasonable price, remember that Casablanca Hotel can be the best choice for you.

February 19, 2018
by @jeffkong11

Casablanca Hotel: A relaxing encounter at Subic Bay

You can find a lot of good places at Subic Bay that are worth your effort and time such as the Zoobic Safari and the Tree Top Adventure Subic. On the other hand, the hotels in the area differ from one another but one of the best hotels in Subic Bay is the Casablanca Hotel. The local residents and even online reviews from both Filipinos and foreigners could prove the good value Casablanca has.

The staff is well-mannered, helpful, accommodating, and especially friendly. They won’t leave your side until you’re satisfied and settled with your room so that they could attend to your immediate concerns and make sure that everything is alright on your side. They are all working hard on making the entire place clean inside and out, making the air very refreshing around the area.

Enjoying the foods at Casablanca Hotel is also certain because each meal was prepared properly to guarantee the satisfied stomachs of all the guests. You can choose between a Filipino and American cuisines, but no matter what you choose, you’ll definitely enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the hotel. The breakfast is free and it’s the perfect way to start your day, right? A delicious and free meal will give you energy and enthusiasm to spend the entire day wonderfully.

Entering each room will also make you smile because of its modern simplicity, cleanliness, and good ambiance. From the beds to the kitchen utensils, everything’s prepared for you so your stay will turn out one of the best relaxing memories you’ll experience at Subic Bay. The air conditioner will give you a cool and content feeling because of its good condition. You will definitely appreciate it more during summer when the weather is scourging hot outside.

There are a lot of things to look forward to at Casablanca Hotel so never hesitate to invite your loved ones or close friends to stay at the hotel on your short adventure at Subic Bay.

February 14, 2018
by @jeffkong11

Casablanca Hotel: The right place to relax at Subic Bay

A humble place at Subic Bay that can provide all your relaxation needs, that is Casablanca Hotel. It is also not a problem to bring a group of people because their condo units can meet all the needs of your entire family or group of friends. Guests find the ventilation at Casablanca as perfect as well so you can relax to the fullest. In addition, the view from the second floor always brings awe to the guests since according to them – it was really nice, so why not see the view yourself and spend your short break at this humble but beautiful hotel.

The service at Casablanca Hotel is also satisfactory because of the very helpful and hardworking staff. Each member of the staff was really friendly and very accommodating so you won’t find it difficult to feel at ease in the area. They will make sure that you will have a comfortable, relaxing, quiet or even a fun stay.

The food at Casablanca Hotel was also described to as delicious by the majority of previous guests, and could even satisfy a foreign guest, and most importantly, they are all affordable which is great for people who wanted to have a great stay at a hotel without spending too much. Moreover, the swimming pool was well-maintained and the mini-bar at its center can offer beverages in case adults wanted to have some drink while soaking their selves in water. The hotel has a simple but good architecture as well that many finds fascinating.

Even though it is the usual at the hotel, a lot of guests were indeed surprised with how clean the entire area was, and how cleanliness is still evident even on the inside of every room because according to them, other hotels don’t have the kind of tidiness Casablanca has.

Invite your loved ones and close friends to experience a wonderful stay at Casablanca Hotel and make your entire trip to Subic Bay perfect.

February 9, 2018
by @jeffkong11

Casablanca Hotel: Giving extraordinary care and excellent comfort

Summer is coming closer and you’re probably planning for an adventurous and fun family outing. Traveling to Subic Bay can provide a lot of fun and adventure to each individual with its famed attractions, thus it can be one of the perfect places to go to this summer.

And in order to make everything more perfect, why not try to check-in at Casablanca Hotel and make it a place to go home to during your family outing at Subic Bay. There were definitely a lot of hotels to choose from at the area but your comfort and relaxation would be guaranteed at Casablanca. You and your family will also surely appreciate its simple but good architectural design and even looking at it can make you feel relaxed already.

The entire area won’t disappoint you because it was very clean since the staff has always been working hard to keep everything in order. And because of the staff and their huge effort in making things easier and simpler for the guests, you can find a lot of previous guests’ reviews being grateful to them and the Casablanca Hotel as a whole at different travel review sites.

The staff will provide more than your needs and each was very amicable, polite and helpful as well so you would definitely feel at home in Casablanca Hotel. Even the standard room offers a lot for your relaxation needs because each has good air conditioner along with a cold/hot shower with free toothbrushes and toothpaste, TV with a lot of good channels, refrigerator, and free coffee with a hot water pot. With Casablanca, you and your family don’t have to worry about having a place to sleep properly and relax to your heart’s content.

You can welcome each morning with a full stomach as well because Casablanca Hotel also offers a free breakfast where you can choose whether to have sausages, fish, or sweet pork with your rice, eggs, and coffee. It is now your chance to experience its excellent accommodation at the right price and make your short family trip unforgettable and relaxing.

February 7, 2018
by @jeffkong11
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