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Can Work From Home Forever Bring Out Best Of Employees?

As the corona pandemic has struck the entire world down with extensive lockdowns and limited accessibility, companies with work from home culture are blooming. While the global economy is about to reach its verge before it tips down, the companies and businesses allowing work from home are finding their benefits. But is it true that work from home forever can ever be implemented? Let's find out.

How Chatbots Can Benefit Major Brands Across Different Paradigms

Today, industries, and most of all, the companies are finding different ways to connect with customers and build brand loyalty. Modern technologies have transformed business operations and made them automatic that reduces operational costs and eliminates human error. Conversational chatbot has the potential where brands can automate and streamline activities.

It improves customer experience; moreover, chatbots have been a gift from AI, which does not only send normal messages, but they can reach out to the customers within a second without keeping them waiting for assistance.

These days, we find chat bots everywhere, from social media platforms to government and financial institutions; it saves money and is now considered an integral part of the business. Here we are going to explain three powerful benefits of implementing chatbots in business that improve customer retention ratio.

Know Which Mobile App Development Platform To Consider For E-Commerce Business

With the advancement in technology at lightning speed, the mobile device has evolved a lot from just being a means of a communication tool to a highly effective business tool. People are getting more addicted to tablets, mobile phones, and other smart devices these days as it offers various benefits and convenience to them. The importance of mobile applications in business has climbed the ladder to the top drastically in the last few years.

Make Your App Reliable For Users By Considering Secure Payment Gateways

Nowadays, almost all businesses are trying to develop a steady and reliable bond with their prospective customers. And when it comes to offering reliable service to customers, then you must make sure that you provide them with a seamless payment process.

After all, what matters the most while running an eCommerce business is how seamlessly your prospective customers are allowed to make the transaction on any of the business platforms you choose. Thus make sure that while crafting mobility solutions, you consider integrating secure and prompt payment gateways, which ensures that the users can make use of your developed solution in the best possible way.

Say Goodbye To UIKit: Welcome Apple’s New Interactive Framework SwiftUI

Apple is one of the best iconic brands in the world and recently at WWDC stands for World Wide Developer Conference in 2019, introduced various technological innovations, updates, and tools, among them one of the remarkable features that developers use mostly is SwiftUI.

SwiftUI replaces conventional UIKit, and it is a modern approach to build user interfaces. Earlier, developers were using storyboards, but it is awful, and experienced software developers can’t use it efficiently. But SwiftUI is here to overcome that issue and to offer excellent performance.