March 13, 2020

Which book I would recommend to read

Books improve thinking and creativity in student’s and everyone’s minds.Books Library is a sea of knowledge for lifetime learners. Reading books make our life fresh and active each day. Reading books every day is as important as exerciaing.I love to read books and I can not imagine this world without books.

Which book is the best to read first?

I strongly recommend to read "Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone".This fantasy novel was written by British author J.K Rowling.

Eleven year old orphan boy Harry Potter lives in the family of his aunt and he does not know that he is a real wizard. But once an owl flies with a letter for him,and his life changes forever. He learns that he is enrolled in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.He finds out the truth about the mysterious death of his parents,and as a result he manages to uncover the secret of the philosopher's stone.

To conclude I want to say that it is gripping book.Also the problems of teenagers reviewed there.Readers can get life experiance.So I strongly recommend to read this book.