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Which book I would recommend to read

Books improve thinking and creativity in student’s and everyone’s minds.Books Library is a sea of knowledge for lifetime learners. Reading books make our life fresh and active each day. Reading books every day is as important as exerciaing.I love to read books and I can not imagine this world without books.

Literary analysis

In this blog I would write about popular trilogy of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien "Lord of the rings.Genre of composotion are fantasy and adventure.Written in stages between 1937 and 1949,"The Lord of the rings" is the one of the best-selling novels ever written.


How are you?I hope your individual english trainings with Imanzhusup are going well.I think you will reach your goals.What are you doing?

Reflection lesson 4

In previous lesson we was preparing to IELTS.We watched vidoes about speaking.We learnt a lot of good words.

There is only one leader in a group

Leader is a person who moving towards his goal and he is able to lead other people.Every can be a leader,but for this he need some important qualities.For instance,confidence,self-motivation, responsibility,optimism etc.

Reflection lesson 3

The lesson was very interesting.We have been preparing for IELTS speaking.We watched videos in which people pass speaking.There were a lot of topic and academic words.To conclude,I think the lesson was useful.

Reflection lesson 2

The lesson was very fun and intersting.We read our essay and teacher correct them.


Most people agree that nowadays the most popular topic is business.In our country everyone wants to open his own industry.Generally,people open small business.Because,they dont have enough money for start up of medium and large business.

Reflection lesson 1

For me,the lesson was interesting.We learned 3 methods of learning.Rizabek agay teachs very good.His programm of learning is different from other and interesting.

Reflection in education

Dear readers.