Solar Battery

Solar battery also known as solar panel battery, solar power battery or solar battery storage. It refers to devices that store energy generated from solar panel for later use. Solar battery designed to connect with solar charger controller or solar inverter for power backup.

All types of solar system run the connected load in the day time during sunlight and export the extra electricity to solar batteries with off grid solar system and hybrid solar system. Solar batteries work for energy storage generated from solar panels during the day. They save energy as DC energy and therefore, you will need a power inverter to convert DC energy into AC energy.

Solar Battery Brands

Some of the major contributors to the cost of solar battery are chemical substances and plates that make up the battery, battery life cycle, storage capacity and usable capacity

Whether you choose a battery manufactured by a state-of-the-art startup or a manufacturer with a long history depends on your preferences. An evaluation of the quality and warranties associated with each product can give you additional guidance when making your decision.

Types of Solar Battery

There are mainly two type of solar battery. If you are installing a solar system with solar battery than you should know about its type and models. It is also important for their evaluation purpose. Let’s have a look over the types of solar battery.

Tall Tubular Solar Battery Lithium-ion Solar Battery

Types of solar battery or batteries

When it comes to evaluating solar battery than you should compare some of their specifications such as their technology, solar brand, life cycle, and maintained etc. We have mentioned everything about the criteria you should use to compare energy storage options, as well as different types of solar batteries.

Tall Tubular Solar Battery

Lead acid tall tubular solar battery is the upgraded version of normally used at home and other places. These solar battery is specially designed as per solar application requirement. Solar tubular battery is the most used battery in off grid solar system, on grid solar system, solar home lighting system and solar street light.

For solar application, batteries required to be charge on low ampere. So, tall tubular solar batteries are designed in C-10 types for slow charging capabilities.

LED acid tall tubular solar batteries

Tall Tubular battery is the most success, oldest and reliable technology in batteries. Mostly, you will need either 12V 150 AH solar battery for home.

Pros and Cons of Tall Tubular Solar Battery

Pros – Advantage

  • High efficiency solar batteries i.e. 1500 life cycles.
  • Long estimated working life around 5-7 years.
  • Cost effective solar product.
  • Easy to maintain, install and access.
  • No need of heavy maintenance which means low repair cost.

Cons – Disadvantage

  • Tall tubular solar batteries are heavy in weight.
  • You need to refill these solar battery timely.
  • More space required compare to lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion Solar Battery

There are different types in lithium-ion solar batteries. The best type of lithium ion battery for your solar power application is lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). LiFePO4 batteries are completely safe, not burnable, stable for 15 to 20 years and maintenance-free. It has good electrical performance with low resistance.

Lithium ion solar battery is generally used in all in one solar street light, solar power vehicles, solar plan and mobile battery banks. The main advantage of this battery is the good thermal stability, increased safety, in addition to the high current rating and long cycle life if misused.

Solar batteries for home with solar panel are increasingly focused on lithium-based batteries, which have seen a steady reduction in costs in recent years.

Lithium ion solar battery by patanjali solar

The biggest benefit of lithium-ion batteries is it’s extremely high life-cycle (up to 5000 cycles) and its high charge and discharge capabilities that help harvest more energy from your solar panels. They also lose less capacity at idle, which is useful in solar installations where energy is rarely used.

For these reasons, lithium ion batteries are a good choice for any solar PV system, small or large, off-grid or grid-tied. The biggest disadvantage is its high price tag. Lithium ion solar battery systems can cost 4 times more than a flooded solar battery system.

Pros and cons of solar lithium ion battery

Pros – Advantage

  • 5000 life cycles.
  • 15 years life.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No refilling required.
  • Less in weight and space.
  • High energy density.
  • Fast charge and discharge.
  • High efficiency up to 97%.

Cons – Disadvantage

  • Expensive– double in cost compare to other.

Solar Battery Price

Generally, solar battery price start from 20 AH @ Rs.2800 to 200 AH @ Rs. 12,000. Price of solar battery also depends on quality and solar brand. Below price list is a standard price of all reputed brands in india like Luminous solar battery, Havells solar battery, Exide solar battery and Patanjali solar battery.

Warranty of Solar Battery

Tall tubular battery warranty – 3 to 5 years.

Because of battery performance naturally decreases over time, most manufacturers will also guarantee that the battery retains a certain part of its capacity during warranty. This is that it depends on the solar brand of battery you have purchased and how much capacity it will lose over time.

The brand will replace it with a new battery and during the warranty period, a new battery is offered at a discounted price, also known as a buyback offer.

Solar Battery Buyer’s Guide

Calculation of solar battery backup

  • Solar batteries come in 12 volt standard.
  • Quantity of solar batteries depends on the volt of solar inverter.

Standard backup with solar systems:

Decrease and increase battery storage.

  • All Solar systems come with standard battery back for 6-8 hours.
  • You can increaseyour battery backup by purchasing higher AH rating battery or you can double the quantity of batteries.
  • You can decreasethe battery backup by installing lower AH rated batteries.

How to choose solar battery?

  • Go with reputed solar brand.
  • Better to install the solar inverterand battery of same brand.
  • Tall tubular solar batteries are better and cost effective.
  • Go for 150 AH rating battery with 5 years warranty.

Another important component of a solar battery is the solar inverter or solar charge controller. This helps to ensure that the energy produced during the day does not overload the battery.

In addition, it prevents the power stored in the cells from running back into the panel and destroying the battery overnight.

Brands in Solar Battery

There are top 5 solar battery brands in India – Luminous solar battery, Havells, Sukam, Exide solar battery and Patanjali.

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