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Kenbrook solar is the best solar company in India.
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About Tata Solar Panel

Tata solar is No. 1 solar panel manufacturer and top solar brand in India. And after recent drop of solar panel price in February 2020, Tata solar panels are now available at just Rs. 28 per watt. Tata Power is committed to provide solar panel at best price everywhere and bringing the power of the sun to peoples at just Rs. 28 per watt in India.

About Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar Limited is a Kolkata based second largest solar panel manufacturing company which provide solar panels at best price in India. Vikram solar was established in 2006 by Gyanesh Chaudhary as a part of the Vikram Group of Companies. Vikram was founded as a manufacturer of solar panel, solar system. Now, Vikram also moved into EPC (Engineering, procurement, and construction) management. In 2015, company completed the first floating solar power plant in India. Vikram solar was awarded as Fastest Growing Company with a turnover of 300 crore & 1000 crore as group.

About Waaree Solar

Waaree solar is a 28 years old company, founded in 1989. It started its business journey with the formation of Waaree Solar Instruments Ltd. Waaree group has diversified into solar business apart from Instrumentation in 2007 and began it in renewable energy as Waaree Energies Pvt Ltd. Waaree solar has automatic production line for PV module at the Surat, north of Mumbai.

Types of solar power plant?

Solar power plant also known as solar energy system, solar system, solar power system and solar plant. It is basically a modern technique to generate electricity by solar panel using sunlight.

Solar Battery

Solar battery also known as solar panel battery, solar power battery or solar battery storage. It refers to devices that store energy generated from solar panel for later use. Solar battery designed to connect with solar charger controller or solar inverter for power backup.

Solar Inverter

Solar inverter also know as solar power inverter or solar energy inverter and this the heart of solar power. It is an equipment that converts solar panel’s DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power. This intelligent solar inverter also matches the required frequency, volt etc with electrical grid to run our load to be used at household and commercial premises.

Solar Street Light

A battery based solar street light is a stand alone system, which will store electricity generated by solar panel in solar battery. Solar LED street light is powered by photo-voltaic panel, generally mounted on the light structure or integrated in the pole itself.

Solar Air Conditioner

Solar air conditioner also know as solar AC, solar powered AC or hybrid solar air conditioner. It is specially designed with 5 stars rated intelligent air conditioner to be run on solar panel at very economical price in India. This AC works like conventional air conditioner, but this is powered by solar on first priority.

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater use the sun energy to heat water during the day. This hot water is stored inside an insulated solar hot water tank for use whenever required. The sun rays have enough energy to heat water up to 55°C to 70°C which is more than sufficient for bathing and washing purpose in bathrooms and kitchen.

Solar Water Pump

The solar water pump also know as solar pumping system, solar submersible pump or solar pump, a water lifting system powered with electricity generated by solar panel.