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Waaree solar is a 28 years old company, founded in 1989. It started its business journey with the formation of Waaree Solar Instruments Ltd. Waaree group has diversified into solar business apart from Instrumentation in 2007 and began it in renewable energy as Waaree Energies Pvt Ltd. Waaree solar has automatic production line for PV module at the Surat, north of Mumbai.

Waaree Solar Panel Price List

Waaree solar offer a full range of solar panel at best price in all over India from 10Wp to 335Wp with dealer, distributors and stockiest. Waaree solar manufactured its panel for on grid solar system, off grid solar system, hybrid solar power plant applications and also exported to a number of countries globally. Waaree solar is youthful, vibrant with balanced combination of maturity, innovation & creativity.

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Waaree Solar Panel Price

The prices of Waaree panels are different according to its power rating. Generally, the prices of Waaree solar panel starts from Rs.26 per watt for 335 watt solar panel and it goes up to Rs.36 per watt for 50w solar panel. Waaree solar has both monocrystalline solar panel and polycrystalline solar panel. Waaree panels are best for home or commercial purpose solar system.

Waaree solar panel price list 2020

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