Best Social Media for Kids: Teaching Kids about Social Media

Kids can’t live without social media. They have to check regularly for any new Facebook posts or WhatsApp updates. Kids also check their Instagram posts. Kids are free to have time for such activities. They don’t know what is good or bad. For them, it is just fun. So, the parents need to check their kids. They must teach kids about social media.

There are many best social sites for kids. These sites are as follows:

  • Grom – Parents have to verify when a kid makes an account. That’s why it requires 99 cents to sign up. It’s safe because parents can check the activities and status updates of kids.

The kids have a lot of fun with Grom. They create videos using face filters. They can also see Grom TV shows through this app.

  • Yoursphere ( – It is also a site safe for children. Only children under the age of 18 can join it. It checks age before allowing membership to anybody.

The site asks for the birthday at the time of signing up. Apart from that, your parents need to provide birth-related documents. You get membership later after checking everything .

  • Sweety High ( – It is a girl’s site. Join it when you are older than ten. Only a girl’s friends can see her profile. The site lets teenage girls discuss topics such as fashion.
  • Spotlite -They have to register with their parent’s account.
  • Kidzworld – Kids can chat through a Kidzworld chat messenger. So, the kids can post messages in the chatroom. Other kids in the chatroom can read them. Kids under 13 years need to get parents permission to be in a chatroom.

Once someone invites you to their group, they send a group invite. Kids are quickly informed about private messages and friend requests. There are quizzes for kids on different topics. Kids can also create forums on this site. They can put interesting issues in such posts.

There is an online magazine for kids which posts teen news. There is news about health, lifestyle, games and movie reviews. So, this is how kids stay aware.

Side Effects Of Using Social Media

  • No privacy: Kids don’t know who can see the content they put on social media.
  • Cyber-attacks-They can be insulted by kids on social media.
  • Don’t do homework: Kids ignore homework because they are busy messaging. They don’t do it. They leave a part of it.
  • Sleep problems: Kids can also face sleep problems. It’s because light from mobile devices affects sleep. They might not go to school when they don’t sleep.
  • Low self-image: The kids can also have low self-image when they use social media. When they post images on social media, it affects their self-image.

A survey happened about social media. Social media sites like Instagram and Twitter cause depression to kids. Kids spend less time with their families. It can cause depression and stress too.

They stop talking to their parents. As a result, they can feel isolated.

  • Poor talking skills-Kids who spend more time on social media can’t talk to people. They can’t understand the facial expressions of people. So, their talking skills are affected.

On social media, everybody posts their “happy” pictures. Kids don’t know that these are not real images. They suffer from depression. They think that the lives of their friends are better than theirs.

  • Dirty content-Kids can see violent and nude content on social media. They can upload the wrong content about themselves.

They can also become friends with dangerous strangers. Such strangers can know personal content like their address and date of birth.

  • Be fooled by fake ads-Kids can buy expensive goods through social media. They get impressed by advertisements. So, kids can waste their parent’s money.

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