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Fine Motor Activities for Kids and Preschoolers: What Are Types of Motor Development?

Motor skills involve how smartly kids can use their hands. There are many kinds of motor skills activities which can be used for kids.

Best Social Media for Kids: Teaching Kids about Social Media

Kids can’t live without social media. They have to check regularly for any new Facebook posts or WhatsApp updates. Kids also check their Instagram posts. Kids are free to have time for such activities. They don’t know what is good or bad. For them, it is just fun. So, the parents need to check their kids. They must teach kids about social media.

Jolly Phonics Tricky Words for Kids: How to Teach Them to Kids?

Do you feel that it is tough to teach your child the basic English alphabet? Then, try making him learn through sounds of letters so that when he hears a sound, he can tell the letter. This is the concept of Jolly phonics. It’s easy and straightforward.

What are Fine Motor Skills in Child Development? Examples of Motor Skill Activities for Kids

There are many developments that take place in a child, fine motor skill development is one of those. Now, what is fine motor development? When a child learns to use the smaller muscles like those present in the hands, wrists and fingers, it is believed that they have achieved fine motor skills. In simpler words, this development makes the child able to make movements using his/ her small muscles.

Teaching Kids about Communication: How to Improve Communication Skills In a child?

Communication skills for kids are very important in today’s digital world. Today, kids communicate via online and offline means. Teaching kids about communication is not possible without parents. However, teachers also play an important role.

Are We Setting Up Students for Failure? Is Rote Learning Really Required?

The bell rings, the child stops writing the poem midway. Puts the English textbook inside. Takes the notebook for the next period from his bag. Science teacher walks in and opens the class with a question, what is sine (pi/2)?

What is Project-based Learning? How Is It Helpful? Here’s All You Need to Know

Teacher “ Turn to Page 54.”

Real School approach to Project-Based Learning (PBL)

A patient goes to the doctor with a headache. The doctor based on his years of experience and what he studied in medical school, arrives at a solution. Considering the human body is a complex machine, Is diagnosing the problem as easy as it sounds? The fact is, All the answers to health issues & complications cannot be contained in the medical books.

The Missing Link in Your Child’s Education is the Baffling “Special Educator!”

In an exam for the question “Who developed the system of naming & classifying organisms?”, one of the students wrote Brahma. He was referring to the God who has per Hindu mythology is the creator of the Universe. The correct answer as per the textbooks was Carl Linnaeus.

Students Learning Journey with Real School: How Effective is It?

What Kejal’s mom did not know at that point was that Kejal who was all of 12 was trying to understand Kitchen Challenges which her mom faces for her new project with Real School.