What are Fine Motor Skills in Child Development? Examples of Motor Skill Activities for Kids

There are many developments that take place in a child, fine motor skill development is one of those. Now, what is fine motor development? When a child learns to use the smaller muscles like those present in the hands, wrists and fingers, it is believed that they have achieved fine motor skills. In simpler words, this development makes the child able to make movements using his/ her small muscles.

Proper development of these skills makes the child self-dependent. As the smaller muscles start to work, the kid becomes able to do minimum self-care activities by his/ her own. Let’s take a look at what are fine motor skills in child development and what are the examples. But, at first, let us get a bit deeper into what do fine motor skills mean?

What does Fine Motor Skill Mean?

In simpler words, fine motor skills mean the tiny movements of the fingers, wrists, hands, toes, feet, tongue and lips. The muscle moving actions in the body is referred to as motor skills.

With fine motor skills, another skill that develops is large motor skills. Now, what are large motor skills? The larger movements of legs, feet, arms or the entire body come under this group.

Examples of Motor Skills:

  • Scribbling, drawing, colouring, writing
  • Holding scissors and cutting
  • Doll dressing
  • Tying shoelaces
  • Doling up sandals
  • Opening and closing buttons, zips, belts
  • Opening bags, lunch boxes
  • Brushing hair
  • Cleaning teeth

What are Fine Motor Skills in Childhood?

Children develop these skills at their own pace. Some may develop some skills later than others and there’s really nothing to worry about. From the age of 1 to 2 months, kids gradually start acquiring these skills and the learning process continues through preschool and elementary school.

Following are some of the important fine motor skills that should develop in childhood.

The Palmar Arches

This muscle movement allows inward palm curling. This build-up helps in finger movement thus ensuring the ability to write, grip and unbuttoning clothes.

Wrist Stability

This helps the kids to move their fingers with control and stability. This movement is generally developed by the early school years.

Intrinsic Growth

Performing minor tasks using hands where the tip of the index finger and middle finger get in touch with the thumb.

Two-way Hand Skills

Coordination of both the hands at the same time for executing various actions.

Scissor Skill

This skill is generally developed in a kid by the age of 4 years. This efficiency strengthens hands and develops hand-eye coordination.

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