Escape from Tarkov Currency & Gameplay

Escape from Tarkov is a tactical shooting game created by the Russian studio. The game was available for Windows platforms back on the 4th of August in 2016 and is played from the first-person perspective.

Escape from Tarkov is set in Northwestern Russia, where you have to fight against the opponent and make sure to complete the given mission. Unlike most of the shooting games, Escape from Tarkov arrives with the Escape From Tarkov currency which you can attain in various ways.


The most used currency in the Escape from Tarkov is EFT Roubles. You can loot the currency from all over the maps. Mostly the currency is available in wallets, containers, safes and on various furniture like tables, bookshelves, etc.

Other than the Roubles, currency, many other currencies are similar to the real-life currency. Additionally, currencies that you can attain are EFT Euros and EFT Dollars. Dollars is one of the primary currencies of Peacekeeper while you will require Euros to purchasing Mechanic.

You can earn Dollars and Roubles by selling different Escape from Tarkov items to the traders, while that is not the case with Euros. Dislike Dollars and Roubles; you can’t gain EFT Euros by selling things. But there are some other ways with the help of which you can get EFT Euros currency.

Once you buy the Escape From Tarkov Euros currency from Skier at level 2. Other than this, various challenges also result in gaining some amount of currency.

How to obtain Escape from Tarkov Currency?

Dollars, Euros, and Roubles are three currencies form in Escape from Tarkov game, and to obtain specific coins types, you need to follow a different step.

For example, there are three variants of ways with the help of which you can receive Dollars. You can get dollars either via looting, purchasing it from Peacekeeper, or selling it to the Peacekeepers.

Other than this, you can get Euros with the help of looting or buying from Skier level 2 while the Roubles can also be achieved through looting.


Three different ways are available in the game using which you can play the Escape from Tarkov game. Arena, Free roam, and Multiplayer are those three-mode which you can try out in the game.

Each mode is quite different from the other one, while you need to follow separate tactics to win each of the modes. The multiplayer mode is where you can show your shooting skills to your friends and family member in a dual player match.

Other than this, the Free roam mode allows the character to roam around in an environment that seems like an open world. However, there are a variety of weapons present with the support of which you can hit your opponent with ease, but make sure that you have the right aim.

The other mode is mission-based, where you have to finish the given mission to proceed in the game. Each mission may demand a different approach from your side, so make sure to show the best of you.

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