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Learn about the great success of League of Legends: The Best Esports Game of 2019

League of Legends is the most representative videogame of the MOBA genre and the popularity it has achieved during its 11 years of existence, has made it one of the most played videogames in history. The competitive gameplay of this popular MOBA has allowed it to be part of the world of Sports, and during its decade of being part of these competitions, League of Legends (usually abbreviated as LoL) has become one of its videogames with more viewers in its history.

Top 5 Retro Games to Play – What Retro Game Should You Play?

For sure, you may have heard that old is gold. We’re living in the modern age of gaming, where lots of highly advanced games existed with realistic graphics and outstanding gaming. The gaming industry is ruled by several giant games like PUBG, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), and more, while another hand, we can’t ignore the classic titles of the gaming golden-age, yet ruling our hearts with the retro graphics and music. You would be amazed to know that Tetris is the top-selling game that collected millions of bucks. Tetris is a game in which you control blocks of different shapes to fill the lines without any gap to make them destroy to earn points.

Exploding Games with Hi-Rez Studios


Gaming News: North America to Win Worlds?


A Beginners Guide to Borderlands 3: 1. Ten Starting Tips

Borderlands 3 is the combination of old school shooting and narration with modern gaming graphics and technology. The game sure has a LOT of Borderlands 3 legendary weapons for a wasteland that on the verge of collapse.
My first playthrough of the game was sort of a mixed bag. The tips in this guide focus on optimizing the player's experience and resource. The builds and other topics will be available in future posts.
1. Go for Bonus objectives
Borderlands 3 is all about guns and bonus objectives can yield some pretty awesome loot(form a beginner's point of view). Some objectives are simple while some require to kill a mini-boss. The loot drop is worth it a chase and acts as a great foundation for future builds.


We at Eldorado.gg love playing video games, but we also love tech gadgets and cool new stuff. In this article we will review gadget from Samsung.

Escape from Tarkov Currency & Gameplay

Escape from Tarkov is a tactical shooting game created by the Russian studio. The game was available for Windows platforms back on the 4th of August in 2016 and is played from the first-person perspective.

Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds – Set on a journey to New Lands

What is Path of Exile? Nowadays, Massively Multiplayer Online video games are on trending and one of the best genres which are responsible for gathering players from all over the world in a single land. Like other MMORPGs, Path of Exile introduces fun-filled gameplay, in which the player can play with several character classes and can fight against vicious monsters to earn PoE Currency (in-game Path of Exile currency). The game was released in 2013, and since then lots of new content, updates, and expansions have been released, expanding the game world to take your gaming experience beyond the limits. In this article, we’ll discuss Atlas of Worlds and how to improve your stats.

Short Guide to Final Fantasy XIV

As the competitive gaming scene is blooming into a multinational industry with contributions from all over the world, companies are spending precious time and money to make sure their RPGs stay on the top, unparalleled. Is it easy? Never. For a few years and certain games, dominating PC screens has become second nature but also quite a hurdle, since to stay relevant, they need to be the best.

How Archeage is similar to Archeage: Unchanged?

Archeage: Unchanged was confirmed in August 2019 and released on 15 October 2019 on Steam. You would be amazed to know that the game has the same content similar to ArcheAge, but it introduces a new monetization system, offering a buy-to-play model for players and presents three different packages to choose one of them. Both titles are focused on MMORPG genre and have almost the same updates and content.
There are three different packages with varied features, such as:
• Silver
• Gold
• Archeum
Silver Package: In this game, you will receive full access to the game, including Expansion Scroll and 500 Credits.