A Beginners Guide to Borderlands 3: 1. Ten Starting Tips

Borderlands 3 is the combination of old school shooting and narration with modern gaming graphics and technology. The game sure has a LOT of Borderlands 3 legendary weapons for a wasteland that on the verge of collapse.
My first playthrough of the game was sort of a mixed bag. The tips in this guide focus on optimizing the player's experience and resource. The builds and other topics will be available in future posts.
1. Go for Bonus objectives
Borderlands 3 is all about guns and bonus objectives can yield some pretty awesome loot(form a beginner's point of view). Some objectives are simple while some require to kill a mini-boss. The loot drop is worth it a chase and acts as a great foundation for future builds.

2. Inventory Upgrades
Inventory is the bread and butter looter games. You don’t want to miss out on a weapon you’ve been searching for days just because your bag is full! The first upgrades are quite cheap at 1000 dollars. You can buy the in-game cosmetics(and they have some awesome cosmetics) but the upgrade money is all grind and repeat.

3. Map challenges
There are various map challenges available all over the game. They are fun to play and will certainly entertain you when you’re not grinding for gears or progressing through the campaign. You can even unlock vehicle upgrades with hijack challenges and turn your car into the harbinger of death and destruction as well.

4. Farming bosses
Farming bosses have never been easier. Borderlands 3 now lets you spawn directly into spawn points. So you can defeat a boss, save the near a spawn point and load indirectly to that same location and repeat the process.

5. Hunting loot tinks
Loot tinks spawn when you’re in a mission or within an enemy camp. They are semi-rare spawns and drop loads of loots when killed. Tinks are easy to spot as they run away from you, use defenses such as cryo grenades and rarely fight back.

6. Golden Keys
Don’t waste them when you’re low level. The loot drops in the game scale according to your level and the same goes for these chests. If you want a chance at some truly powerful gear, it’s better to open them at level 50 to guarantee the maximum probability of getting powerful weapons.

7. Lost Loot
There is a lost loot machine in the sanctuary that collects the last 6 items (upgradable to 14)items that you didn’t pick on the battlefield.

8. Vanity items
These are cosmetics that you can collect in-game to customize your character down to every nook and cranny. They don’t affect gameplay, but you might as well look good while kicking the butts of your enemies.

  1. Veteran rewards
    Veteran rewards give you special weapons that are very powerful from the get-go, but they cost Eridium which is hard to come by for beginners as they are only obtained from mission rewards.

    10. Junk Mail
    Check your mail from time to time. They may contain weapon rewards from quests and don’t get added directly to your inventory and sit there collecting dust until you accept them.
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