December 13, 2019


We at love playing video games, but we also love tech gadgets and cool new stuff. In this article we will review gadget from Samsung.

Samsung has just released a pair of new laptops — the Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion — that ought to replace the company’s old Samsung Notebook 9 Pen and Notebook 9 models, respectively. There are some major changes on these laptops, both inside and out. An overall boosting in specs, coupled with new layout redesigns that bring the two models in line with the design language introduced by Samsung earlier this year with the Notebook 9 Pro.

This is the first line of Samsung laptops to use QLED displays, which is the same display tech that the company uses on its line of high-end flat-screen TVs.

Included in the new laptops are the latest Intel 10th Gen chips: the convertible Galaxy Book Flex has 10nm Ice Lake processors, while Galaxy Book Ion will have the 14nm Comet Lake chipsets based on the older architecture. The laptops (in their 13- and 15-inch sizes) are certified as part of Intel’s Project Athena program.

The actual design has notably big improvements as well compared to the old models. The new laptops are all-metal designs, but Samsung’s ancient design style has finally been given the axe. The Notebook 9’s bubbly-looking curves and corners have been replaced with GALAXY Book Flex’s sharper edge lines that also amass for far smaller screen bezels, which helps reduce the overall size of the laptop.

Better yet, Samsung unlike Notebook 9 Pro which looked quite similar to MacBook Pro, with its fresh and striking blue hues, it looks and feels a unique product.

The clever design combined with big specs such as 13 to 15 inch sizes with up to 1TB NVMe SSDs and the latest Nvidia MX250 external GPU is a versatile laptop that promises to be a real competitor to Mac Book Pro.