February 14, 2020

Learn about the great success of League of Legends: The Best Esports Game of 2019

League of Legends is the most representative videogame of the MOBA genre and the popularity it has achieved during its 11 years of existence, has made it one of the most played videogames in history. The competitive gameplay of this popular MOBA has allowed it to be part of the world of Sports, and during its decade of being part of these competitions, League of Legends (usually abbreviated as LoL) has become one of its videogames with more viewers in its history.

This videogame developed by Riot Games has the basic gameplay of any other game of the MOBA genre, where players must face each other in a battle between two sides (each consisting of five players), and the main objective is to destroy the Nexus (main base) of the opposing team, which is in its assigned territory. In order to fight, players must choose their character (Champion), which has its own technical characteristics, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

League of Legends is highly competitive and requires a lot of effort to master. This is because each champion in the game has its own gameplay mechanics, so players must master each of their champions in order to have the advantage. It is also necessary to choose the right champion for each situation, as their skills can be advantageous or unwise in specific situations. Because of the many elements a player must consider, and because it provides a level playing field, League of Legends has become a fully featured Esports game.


At the end of last year 2019, the much-anticipated fifth edition of the Game Awards, the most important awards in the videogame industry, was held. In that event, League of Legends was one of the most outstanding videogames, since this MOBA won the "Esports Game Of The Year" award and thus defeated the other videogames that shared the nomination, such as Dota 2, Fortnite, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In addition, the "League of Legends World Championship 2019" won the "Esports Event Of The Year" award. It should also be mentioned that "G2 Esports", a professional League of Legends team from Spain, stood out at this event by receiving the "Esports Team Of The Year" award.


LoL is a highly successful videogame that has managed to surpass the incredible amount of 100 million active players, and besides that, it is also one of the videogames with the highest number of spectators in Twitch, so the fame of this MOBA is unquestionable.

Much of the success of League of Legends is due to the fact that it is completely free through the official Riot Games website and can also be played on almost any PC with an internet connection, as LoL does not require many requirements to be played properly either. Another indispensable factor in the success of LoL is the constant changes and improvements it receives in every aspect of its gameplay, so every update ends up innovating this MOBA. It should also be noted that Riot Game holds annual tournaments in various parts of the world that always manage to encourage the player's desire to improve more and more in the game.


That said, League of Legends is an important videogame for electronic sports, so it's normal to get more and more players interested in playing this attractive MOBA, and for those just starting out on this journey, here are a few tips provided by some successful players, which although a little obvious, can be very helpful.


·        Learn in every game

The first advice provided is the most important of all, since to improve skills and better master this MOBA, players will have to adapt, practice and persevere. To become a skillful LoL player, it is necessary to play and experiment with many formations, strategies and line-ups during the games. It is also necessary to constantly train with the champions, which will allow you to know them better and master them correctly. It is also necessary to choose the right champion for each situation, as each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.


·        Take advantage of the tutorial

Like all current online videogames, before starting the games, the player is offered the opportunity to take a tutorial of the game. Many players don't pay much attention to the LoL tutorial, but it is quite necessary to master every basic aspect of the game in the best way.


·        Focus on improvement rather than "KILLS"

Many players (usually newcomers) focus too much on eliminating enemies and end up forgetting that the main thing in this game is to improve, so you must win gold, destroy towers and level up the champions. While it is possible to gain experience and gold by eliminating enemies, it is not always recommended that you chase down enemies to get the Kills, sometimes the best thing to do is to pressure the enemy champion until he is low HP and then force him to return to his Nexus leaving his minions behind so that he can get gold through the waves. This strategy is widely used and is quite effective if employed in the right situation.

Getting gold, experience, and the right champions is a fairly complicated task, and for that reason, many players starting out in this MOBA also choose to buy existing accounts, but ones that are fairly well-stocked with the core elements of this game. Purchasing these accounts is quite easy due to the various websites where League of Legends accounts for sale can be found. This option should be mentioned as it is quite convenient to get better at the game much faster.


·        Watch gameplays to learn from the best

League of Legends gameplays are extremely abundant, and among them you can find several games by really talented players from whom you can learn a lot. This is an extremely common way to learn, but one that is worth mentioning.


League of Legends is an addictive videogame that probably has many years of success ahead of it, since it has still been quite successful and has an incredible amount of considerable achievements, which is quite complicated for a MOBA videogame with more than 11 years of activity, so the hard work and passion that Riot Game has been dedicating to LoL until today is quite evident.