Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds – Set on a journey to New Lands

What is Path of Exile? Nowadays, Massively Multiplayer Online video games are on trending and one of the best genres which are responsible for gathering players from all over the world in a single land. Like other MMORPGs, Path of Exile introduces fun-filled gameplay, in which the player can play with several character classes and can fight against vicious monsters to earn PoE Currency (in-game Path of Exile currency). The game was released in 2013, and since then lots of new content, updates, and expansions have been released, expanding the game world to take your gaming experience beyond the limits. In this article, we’ll discuss Atlas of Worlds and how to improve your stats.

What is Atlas of Worlds?

It is the fourth marvelous expansion pack, serving as the fifth overall series of Path of Exile. Atlas of Worlds is marked as the first release to focus on improving the endgame, the map system, and more. Before the release of fourth expansion, there were more than seven maps available to explore. However, the version of Atlas comes with thirty additional maps, and the previous maps have also upgraded. The last system map can be described as the pyramids with other lower, mid, and higher-tier instance. With Atlas of Worlds, the game introduces low-level plans, which are quite tricky and challenging to reward.

The expansion pack comes with improved gameplay and new maps with lots of modifications. Now, you can immerse yourself in depth-defying fight before navigating the lower areas. Another outstanding feature of the game is a random generator that will mix both indoor and outdoor spaces in several maps, combining the order of city with the chaos of nature.

Powerful Bosses

With new maps, over nineteen powerful bosses are available that await you to kill. During the gameplay, you will discover crazy bosses throughout your journey spans the Atlas. The deadly creatures are roaming the four maps connected with the central compass rose. There are tier-sixteen maps, and each map is protected by a guardian, including:
• Guardian of the Hydra
• Guardian of the Phoenix
• Guardian of the Minotaur
• Guardian of the Chimera
During the gameplay, each guardian will drop one of two unique pieces of rare equipment after death.

Explore the Map

While the endgame is exciting, there is something special for all players to experience. The player navigated the environment from a top-down perspective to kill all targeted enemies using both melees and ranged weapons to earn the in-game currency. There are several shops that you can use to buy PoE Currency and Items. Buy it from here or here: purchase items and rare equipment to unlock extra stuff if you don’t have enough points.

The Essence League

The newly introduced league has a team of vicious monsters stuck in different kinds of essences. By defeating them, you can merely steal the soul and craft a variety of tools. Similar to other maps, souls will have various tiers and different rarities. So, navigate each part of the map to make your character even stronger than ever.