You should know about Rocket League and All of its DLCs

Rocket League is a Co-op, Competitive, and Multiplayer Racing mixed Soccer video game brought to you by Psyonix, Inc. for Multiple Platforms such as Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. The game introduces high-powered hybrid vehicles letting you explore the competition in style and take over all matches to become the master. It adds arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem with smooth controls and physics-driven competition. Both casual and competitive events are featured, introducing Offline Season Mode and Special Mutators that enables you to modify the rules according to your style.

What’s New?

The game introduces lots of prominent aspects, including Rocket Pass. You can get an initial 50% XP bonus by purchasing the Rocket Pass Premium from Rocket League Item Shop. The pass will reward you with up to 70 unique rewards, including Goal Explosion, a New Rocket League Car, and more. The introduction of challenge system will allow you partake in online matches and attempt to complete weekly challenges to tier-up and access to unique rewards found in Rocket Pass. We’ve compiled a list of all significant Updates that you should know if you love playing Rocket League.

Rocket League: Knight Rider Car Pack

Released in 2019, it serves as the latest Downloadable Content Pack in Rocket League video game. The DLC pack introduces a Knight Rider, and a shadowy flight offers you enhanced abilities while you’re in match. Additionally, the package includes K.I.T.T. Wheels, Player Banner, and Steering Wheel Topper. The game has a store full of Rocket Legend Items for Sale. By purchasing the premium content, you can ensure your victory with powerful tools and can drive your stylish car like never before.

Rocket League: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Pack

It is an expansion pack released in 2019 for the original Rocket League video game. The game celebrates the iconic franchise with premium Downloadable Content Pack that introduces in-game items, including:
• Proton Pack Rocket Boost
• The Iconic Ecto-1 Battle-Car
• Similar Topper
• Stay Puft Goal Explosion
• Ectoplasm Avatar Border
• Ectoplasm Player Banner
Explore the detailed environment from a third-person viewpoint, hit a ball, and try to score as many goals as possible to be declared as the winner.

Rocket League: MLB Fan Pack

An expansion pack that lets you rep your favorite teams. It introduces lots of new content released in 2019 and enables you to play with style. The Downloadable Content Pack includes prominent features:
• Flags for AL and NL Team
• Player Banners
• Toppers
• MLB-branded Flag
• Baseball Rocket Boost
Rocket League: McLaren 570s Car Pack
Rocket League lets you experience soccer gameplay, but with vehicles. Taking place in the detailed environment, where the player chooses his Rocket League Car and modify it using the Rocket League Decals to boost up the abilities. The DLC pack introduces ultimate modern sports car. The McLaren 570s Car Pack features two Player Banners.

Rocket League: Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC Pack

The Downloadable Content Pack in Rocket League video game, released in celebration of 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels with three fantastic and fabulous street machines, including:
• Fast 4WD
• MR11
• Gazella GT