February 14, 2020

Top 5 Retro Games to Play – What Retro Game Should You Play?

For sure, you may have heard that old is gold. We’re living in the modern age of gaming, where lots of highly advanced games existed with realistic graphics and outstanding gaming. The gaming industry is ruled by several giant games like PUBG, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), and more, while another hand, we can’t ignore the classic titles of the gaming golden-age, yet ruling our hearts with the retro graphics and music. You would be amazed to know that Tetris is the top-selling game that collected millions of bucks. Tetris is a game in which you control blocks of different shapes to fill the lines without any gap to make them destroy to earn points.

Best Retro Games


Tetris comes with a tile-matching puzzle game, in which it makes use of tetrominoes developed by Various (the Developer). The game is offering fun-filled gameplay, in which you will control moving objects of different shapes falling from the top of the screen toward the screen’s bottom. Your purpose is to arrange them in a way that no space left and as a line completes, it will destroy and rewards you a point. Lots of players are crazy and trying to make the highest points by smashing lines. During the gameplay, players can rotate the blocks to find the required piece and place them to destroy the edges.

Street of Rage 2

You may have played Street of Rage 2 once in your life if you’re a die-hard gamer since your childhood. Street of Rage 2 was released in the 90s, offering you an excellent beat ‘em up gameplay experience. It comes with both modes, such as Single-player and Cooperative (Co-op). Sequel to the previous title, it puts the player on a side-scrolling adventure where one or two-player battle against waves of enemies, while collecting boosters, power-ups, and weapons along the way to become the master.

Classic playable characters are available, and the game provides you the freedom to choose your favorite one to have a better gaming experience with the unique abilities of the selected style. In the modern age, when players love to play games like CS: GO, in which they compete against each other for in-game currency (CS: GO US Dollar) and hold the specific area, some players would love to play Retro games. Although newbie can’t take on CS: GO instantly, but they have the option to visit CS: GO Account Shop to deal with those players who have set their CS: GO Accounts for Sell.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

One of the most delightful games, putting you on a journey to defeat the dark lord named Ganon. Released in 1991, the game revolves around the famous protagonist named Link, who embarks on a quest to rescue Hyrule from the custom of the antagonist. The primary task forces the player to save the descendants of the Seven Sages, and the game backs to a Top-down viewpoint, similar to the original title. It slandered the side-scrolling perspective for an isometric view like original and featured innovations and elements.

Street Fighter II Turbo

The year 1992 appeared with a fantastic fighting game, titled Street Fighter II Turbo – the improved version of SF II, which is a sequel to the first title. Both Single and Multiplayer modes available – pitting the player against an AI-controlled character or another competitor controlled by the real player. A cast of fierce fighters was introduced and each one had its unique skills, abilities, and fighting style. Because of having its retro graphics and old classic gameplay, never take this game is too easy. Both characters were equipped with a health bar and once the health bar reaches zero, the player could lose the match.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sega released one of the most anticipated games, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Cross-platform. The game is available in several versions and it supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. You can experience the side-scrolling action on your mobile devices and advanced consoles like Nintendo Switch and PlayStation as well. It is the sequel to the first release and comes with several improvements and modifications that increase your gaming experience. Staring Sonic the Hedgehog and his sidekick, such as Miles Power. The game starts with the player who can choose either Sonic, Tails, or both characters to begin his journey. There is a series of levels, each split into one, two, or three different acts with a boss fight.

Super Mario Kart

First appeared in 1992, and the latest title of the series was released back in September 2019. It’s about kart racing, where the player, along with his favorite character, can race against rival drivers to cross the finish line before anyone to win. The game is played from a third-person view and the player can quickly turn his vehicle right or left to avoid obstacles and overcome challenging curves like never before. The game is marked as the fourth bestselling video game of all the time, released for SNES. Both modes are introduced such as Single-player and Multiplayer. Seven prominent characters from the Mario franchise are featured here and you are allowed to choose one of them to drive karts around tracks with a Mario franchise theme.

Donkey Kong

It is a Single-player Platformer game that you would love to play because a cute princess is in trouble and looking for a hero who could save her from the custody of an evil guerilla. Lots of levels are available with the repeating story; it means you have to rescue the princess in every level. The gameplay is quite simple with no violence like CS: GO, and advanced weaponry, but people are crazy for this traditional, and classic retro-style platform game to play. To avoid obstacles, you need to hit the jump button and try to reach the top of the level where your princess is in jail, to free.