Rumor: Toyota Vellfire will cease production in 2022 and merge with Alphard

Alphard 2019 is a luxury 7-seater nanny car produced by Toyota Motor of Japan. It is equipped with high-tech ultrasonic radar anti-collision safety system, active headrest and steering wheel assisted stability control S-VSC, bamboo fiber speakers, and rear seats as standard. -Inch LCD, humidity sensor, independent air conditioning in the rear seat, and 7 airbags.

Since its launch, Alphard has swept all major awards in the automotive industry and has taken the first place in the luxury MPV market. From the first-generation 3.0-liter engine to the second-generation 3.5-liter engine, it is very popular among users and commercial organizations.

Since its launch in 2002 and 2008, Toyota Alphard and its sporty twin Vellfire have been in Malaysia for many years. According to Japan's best car website (Best Car), Toyota will abandon some models starting with the Toyota Tank, a small MPV car. The tank will continue to be sold until September 15, 2020, and then merge with its twin Roomy.

Toyota Motor sells cars in Japan through four different distributor sales channels, namely Toyota Store, Toyopet Store, Corolla Store and Netz Store. Each dealer chain sells different Toyota models, some of which are exclusive to certain stores.

For example, the Toyota store and Corolla store sell Toyota Tank, and the Toyota store and Netz store sell Toyota Roomy. But starting in May 2020, Toyota decided to attract dealers' exclusive rights.

In Japan, 54 different models are listed on Toyota's official website. The Japanese giant's goal is to halve its current sales by 2025. One way is to merge the twin models into a single model. Toyota Regius Ace merged into Hiace in May 2020, and Toyota Succeed merged into Probox in August this year.

These models are commercial vehicles, and Roomy/Tank is the first Toyota twin not assembled by a commercial family. Roomy was chosen because it is the more popular model between the two.

It is speculated that the other twin models will be merged into Porte/Spade, Premio/Allion, Noah/Voxy/Esquire (these are all triplets) and Alphard/Vellfire.

The van that Malaysian drivers like to poke on this highway will be replaced by a new generation in early 2022. By then, Best Car last year speculated that we could see the Vellfire.

The average monthly sales of Alphard in Japan is 6,500, while Vellfire is only 2,000 a month. Based on these sales figures, it is easy to see where his life will end.

Nevertheless, Vellfire and Alphard are basically the same car, although Vellfire looks more sporty between the two. This combination makes sense for both the company and the customer. If Vellfire goes offline, would you miss it?

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