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Another age of Honda Civic patent pictures uncovered, will be authoritatively revealed in 2021

A couple of days back, a lot of patent affirmation drawings for the presence of a spic and span Honda vehicle was uncovered. The vehicle has a place with another age of Honda Civic malaysia hatchback models, and renderings of the car models have likewise been delivered.

Rumor has it that the presence of the original of HR-V is totally different

After the past new-age HR-V test vehicle was uncovered, the front, side and he appearance of the original of HR-V is totally different

New Nissan Almera Turbo, dynamic appearance and great execution

As of now, there are 4 new models available that are open for reservations, to be specific Toyota Hilux, new Honda City, Proton X50 and Nissan Almera.

Mercedes-Benz G-class sedan is electrified, what do you think of the new energy off-road vehicle?

Mercedes-Benz also recently announced that the Mercedes-Benz malaysia G-Class will independently become a new sub-brand, and will jointly launch new electric models with Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach in the future.

The new Range Rover is comparable to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

All new Range Rover models are officially launched. The new car offers a total of 6 models, maintaining the overall design of the current model, powered by Ingeli 3.0-liter dual supercharged engine + 48V mild hybrid system, and 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine.

The most extraordinary exemplification of SUV models: Lamborghini Urus

As the new third product offering of Lamborghini, the dispatch of Urus is a ground-breaking supplement to the brand's current super games vehicle items and the best understanding of Lamborghini's future improvement heading. SUV represents opportunity and enthusiasm and is one of the best market fragments on the planet. Urus is a one of a kind SUV with Lamborghini character name, which is the most extraordinary encapsulation of SUV models.

The latest Audi SUV, surpassing the BMW X1 in appearance and interior trim

The new generation of Audi Q3 is a very heavy product in the Audi system. It is the first domestically produced luxury compact SUV, and its sales are also responsible for this level. However, with the domestic production of BMW X1 and BMW X2, the impact and threat of Audi Q3 has become greater and greater, and new versions of Audi Q3 have also been launched.

Toyota Hilux 2020: TSS equipped with Rogue variant

UMW Toyota Motor released Toyota Hilux 2020. This is the second update since it was first released in 2015. Toyota Hilux 2020 has five versions, namely Hilux 2.4 MT single-row cab, priced at RM 92,880 and Hilux 2.4G MT double-row cab, priced at RM 111,880.

Bentley Bentayga luxury edition

Bentley Bentayga is the first limited edition of Bentayga, equipped with a rich and luxurious exclusive configuration, demonstrating the noble status of the owner. The first limited edition will be delivered to the world's first car owners in the spring of 2016, with a limited edition of 55 units in Greater China. The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Bentayga Bentayga Standard Edition starts at RMB 3,980,000, and the manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Bentayga First Limited Edition is RMB 4,800,000.

2021 Honda Civic Type R: New personalized customization service

A few days ago, Honda released the updated 2021 Civic Type R, adding a new personalized customization service. Customers can choose a series of original accessories to personalize the vehicle according to their preferences.