December 5, 2020

TOYOTA Camry facelift

TOYOTA (Toyota) returned to the European mid-to-large RV market with Camry in 2018. Recently, it also updated the 2021 Toyota Camry malaysia Hybrid petrol-electric model. Through the beauty of the small needles on the inside and outside, this mid-to-large RV is anti-aging. Growth and sporty appearance.

In appearance, the front bumper of the European standard Camry Hybrid has been redesigned. The black/gray crossbar of the lower air dam extends all the way to the side of the car, creating a wider and domineering vision. The side part of the car is replaced with new 17-inch, 18-inch multi-spoke wheels, and new Deep Metal Grey car color and different colors of LED tail lights.

As for the interior of the car, the new European standard Camry Hybrid has also upgraded a 9-inch floating central control audio-visual screen, and re-positioned it to enhance the user-friendly experience while reducing the response time of the audio-visual system under the latest firmware update. , And has mobile phone support functions such as Apple Carplay/Android Auto.

The new European standard Camry Hybrid also offers beige and black leather seats, and the leather seam is perforated to improve ventilation. TOYOTA has also further upgraded the European standard Camry’s TSS active driving assistance system, adding full-time front detection, steering assistance system and intersection detection functions to the PCS early warning and anti-collision system. At the same time, the ACC smart full-speed range vehicle distance cruise can also be combined with RSA The road sign recognition system and LTA lanes remain in use.

The power of the new 2021 Camry Hybrid remains unchanged. It has a torque of 215 hp/22.5 kgm under the 2.5-liter gasoline-electric hybrid system. It is expected that the new 2021 European-style Camry Hybrid will go on sale in the first quarter of next year.

Toyota's new Safety Sense 2.5+ system represents the company's latest safety and semi-autonomous technology. Toyota said the system’s pre-collision assistance system and pedestrian detection have been improved to better recognize certain situations, such as spotting people on a crosswalk when turning left at an intersection.

Internally, the 2021 model will get a new 7-inch and 9-inch infotainment system with Amazon Alexa, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. The XLE model has a new chevron seat interior pattern, and all models have a modified dashboard and center console design to match the upgraded infotainment system.

Toyota is also expanding its XSE interior to include hybrid models. XSE is called to Toyota's premium/sports class, so its availability on hybrid models shows that Toyota is paying more attention to the performance perspective of its electric options.

Source: WapCar