November 26, 2020

Can Toyota Supra be your new choice as the BMW Z4?

Toyota plans to bring the Toyota Supra to the domestic market in November 2020. The price range of the new car is expected to be between 400,000 and 600,000 yuan, and it will come to China through parallel imports. The new car is jointly built by Toyota and BMW. It comes from the CLAR platform like the new generation of BMW Z4 and is produced at the Magna Steyr plant in Austria. It provides two kinds of power, 2.0T and 3.0T. I don't know if it can impress the hearts of domestic Japanese performance car users.

In terms of appearance, Toyota Supra inherits the front face design language and overall proportions of the Toyota FT-1 concept car, and the shape is extremely aggressive. The headlights with LED light sources are more agile in shape. The wing is full of combat atmosphere, and the addition of the black spoiler below further demonstrates its identity as a performance car.

The Toyota Supra has a longer front, an overall rear cockpit, and a shorter rear. The proportions of the sports car's body are clear at a glance. The thick rear wheel arch design is very prominent, and the unique air guide design can be seen behind the door. The actual weight distribution of the new Supra also has the characteristics of the BMW brand 50:50, and shares the same lightweight scheme.

Below the trunk cover is the Toyota Bullhead LOGO and Supra logo. The taillights have evolved on the basis of the fourth-generation Supra. The outer contour of the taillights has become a triangle that spreads to both sides. The large rear diffuser of the new car is painted in black, and the double-sided circular exhaust pipe full of metallic luster also has a very considerable caliber.

The overall style of the Toyota Supra is completely different from previous Toyota models. It is equipped with the same electronic shift lever as BMW, which seems to reveal a hint of "Germany", but the three-spoke sports steering wheel similar to the C-HR tells us this. Still a Toyota. Toyota redesigned the instrument panel and the center console. The interface of the air-conditioning outlet and the full LCD instrument panel has a strong Lexus flavor.

The layout of the central control is still clear, from top to bottom suspended multimedia display, air-conditioning vents, multimedia physical buttons, and air-conditioning physical buttons arranged in sequence. In addition, the whole car is also available in black and red and all black interior colors, and is equipped with fully wrapped sports seats, carbon fiber decorative panels, through-type air-conditioning vents, and full LCD instruments.

Toyota Supra and BMW’s new Z4 share a large number of parts, so in the multimedia system, the new car is equipped with BMW’s i-Drive7.0 system, which supports BMW’s multiple gesture control, intelligent interconnection functions and natural voice recognition system, which greatly improves User experience for users.

Toyota Supra is equipped with 2.0T inline four-cylinder and 3.0T inline six-cylinder engines provided by BMW. The 2.0T engine has high power, maximum power of 190kW and maximum torque of 400N·m. The 3.0T engine has a maximum power of 250kW and a maximum torque of 500N·m. It is matched with an 8-speed automated manual gearbox and has an acceleration time of 0-100km/h within 4 seconds.

As one of Japan's four national treasures, the new Toyota Supra is very different. It shares the platform with the BMW Z4. Except for the appearance, the powertrain and ground structure are the same. Toyota Supra two-door hard-top sports car, the appearance is not inferior to a million-class sports car. The "Bull Devil" will come to China, which may make many Toyota fans hooked. Such a different Toyota Supra, I don't know if it can become your new choice.