March 20, 2020

134 517$ real estate sales

-collecting of phone numbers and names of those who are interested in buying of an apartment in Saint-Petersburg soon.

Real estate agency in Saint-Petersburg with website and good Vk group, but without pages on Facebook and Instagram.

the advertising was started for men and women of 20-50.

Then the most active audience was indicated. It was people of 26-38.

The advertising was located in Saint-Petersburg an its region. 6 offers with different texts for different audiences were developed. Each audience had their own pains and interests:

-Comfort, kindergartens and children's yards are important for pregnant women;
-For citizens from other cities it's important be closer to their workplace;
-Monthly mortgage payment and territorial accessibility are important for tenants.

It became clear after first tests that the audiences had average reaction but worse the it was planned.

2 best offers were kept and new ones were developed. Each week we made a new offer.

The cost of a lead differed due to offer and audience from 4$ to 8$.We realised that the audience was right and that is why we continued the advertising. It's interesting that different offers worked on Facebook and Instagram.

We got the information through ancets on Vk and trough lead generation on Facebook.

During the preparation different audiences were tested:

For Vkontakte

  • The audience of newlyweds
  • The audience, groups "to buy real escale in Saint-Petersburg
  • Competitor's activity 2 weeks
  • Maternity capital audiencegroups mortgage and subseeds
  • groups of pregnants
  • audiences of those who come to Saint-Petersburg to work
  • group real escale rent

For Facebook and Instagram next interest categories were chosen

  • Parents of children of 0-7
  • Common interests about real escale
  • newlyweds
  • Come to Saint-Petersburg to work

The best were competitor's active on Vk and interests for real escale on Facebook

The agency had only one marketer, who set the common object of banners. Together with him we developed the form for the banners in one union style. It looks good during the publications. 

The example of successful ads:

The example of unsuccessful ads:

Detalize description of the offer is meaningful. People don't have any resources to get information from because if they leave for group, there wouldn't be lead anymore. That is why it's necessary to describe the subject of our offer really expanded and succinctly. In this way people can get the information they need from the description and they also can leave their contacts.

Total spent on advertising on Facebook: 210$

Got clicks: 136, the cost of a click - 1,5$

Received leads: 41. The average cost of a lead  - 5,1$

Conversion to leads: 30,15%

Total spent on the advertising campaign on Vkontakte: 188$

Got clicks: 211, the cost of a click: 0,9$

Got leads: 33, the cost of a lead - 5,7$

Conversion to leads: 17%

We see that the cost of a click, of a lead and conversion depend on social network. Commonly the conversion on Facebook was higher and the cost of a lead was less with fewer clicks.