Wild Orchid Resort Angeles: A good place to cool your summer

We only have a month left to finally welcome summer and we can once again experience the scorching heat. And the children would surely request a good time at the beach or at a resort. In this case, you need a place to cool the summer of everyone in your family and friends. You don’t need to search further for a good place to relax in Angeles City because Wild Orchid Resort Angeles can be the perfect choice for you. The resort can be your escape from the heat, and relax both your body and mind together with everyone close to you.

The beautiful pictures you can see from the web when you searched about Wild Orchid Resort Angeles were indeed similar once you visited the place in person plus the fact that you could feel the good and nice aura and atmosphere around the place. You will be amazed how the staff gives you a genuine and warm welcome.

The resort does hold a special place in the hearts of many previous visitors, thus they keep on coming back to the place. For them, every visit creates a beautiful memory no matter how many times they’ve been there. In addition, the place offers a lot of wonderful amenities. The pool often receives comments about being awesome by a lot of previous guests with its unique features.

You’ll also witness how the staff works hard to ensure the comfort of the guests and to provide for their needs and requests. If you’re a first time tourist, you can ask them about other fantastic places to visit around the city and look forward to their great suggestions. You would definitely feel special by staying at the resort with lots of conveniences prepared for you.

It’s also worth mentioning how close Wild Orchid Resort Angeles was to other important establishments such as malls, stores, and recreational places. So everything’s set, right? With Wild Orchid Resort Angeles, having a good time is a guarantee.

March 9, 2018
by @luciusvros

Wild Orchid Subic: A kind paradise in Subic

Wild Orchid Subic is the combination of kind staff and a humble paradise in Subic. You can’t help but look forward to its amazing accommodation and service. It is filled with people with smiling faces and staff that always give a warm welcome to every guest or visitor. You could witness genuine happiness to each person at the hotel.

The rooms were often praised for being spacious and big enough so that guests can be at ease while moving around inside. It’s given that each room would also have a cool ambiance because of the well-maintained air conditioner. Cleanliness and order is a must at Wild Orchid Subic so it’s no surprise that every room was spotless and organized.

Other guests consider the warm welcome and kind gesture of the staff as the most important for them. The room service was also fast and reliable. Moreover, there was a regular cleaning to the pool and the staff makes sure that it will look very clean and pleasant to the guests. Even though there were different kinds of rooms, each was well-maintained. Wild Orchid knows when to improve other rooms and if necessary, a few repairs would be done for the sake of the satisfaction of the guests. Know that your satisfaction and happiness as a guest is their number one goal. 

Even a short stay during your day-off could be enough to experience the nice service of Wild Orchid Subic. Once you entered the vicinity, all you can think about is how nice the place was. Guests don’t have a hard time adjusting to the place since the staff was so friendly and polite. 

At Wild Orchid Subic, you will be away from the busy streets and its constant noise but instead, you will be relaxed by the view at the beachfront, especially the lovely sunset view. Their food was also something to look forward to because of its special and delicious taste. 

The staff aims to provide a second home to the guests thus they look at them as a member of the family and treat them nicely. You will get all the amenities you seek and create unforgettable memories at Wild Orchid Subic.

March 5, 2018
by @luciusvros

Wild Orchid Subic: Only giving the best service

Our society does challenge us with lots of hardships and bigger responsibilities and in order to survive those difficulties, a person must strive harder. But no matter how strong you are as a person, you also need to give yourself a break and relax. People who work hard deserve praise and respect but it doesn’t mean to only revolve your life around working, you deserve to experience a good relaxation, and one of the great places that could provide you with that in Subic is at Wild Orchid Subic.

The staff of Wild Orchid had always been working hard to ensure the comfort of the guests. Even though their job might look simple to some, their dedication to doing their work is certainly impressive. If a guest had a concern, the staff would quickly find a way to solve their problem. But miscommunications or misunderstandings are unavoidable but one thing remained constant, the patience and kindness of the staff. And as they said, if the guest had a problem, they will always create a solution for them.

As previous guests said, Wild Orchid Subic was indeed a humble paradise. It might not be compared to the exteriors of big five star hotels in other huge cities, it’s certain that you would still feel you’re in a paradise even on a simple yet beautiful scenery of Wild Orchid. It has a well-maintained garden around its pool with its rich green color pleasing your eyes. The pool is surprisingly large enough for the guests to enjoy swimming. The room was clean and spacious, thus comfort is really in your hands by staying at the hotel.

What can make your stay at Wild Orchid Subic more exciting? The fact that it is located near the beach so as a guest, you can also enjoy a stroll at the shore or play a game of beach volleyball with family and friends. There’s no boring time with Wild Orchid because of its amazing amenities that will make you look forward to your stay.

March 2, 2018
by @luciusvros

Wild Orchid Subic: A place you won’t regret going

Wild Orchid Subic is like a dream come true to many local residents of Subic, but it’s also a perfect place to relax for guests coming from different areas around the country or even from other countries. It can be described as a “humble paradise” because of how kind, nice, gentle and caring the staff was and how lovely the entire place from outside to inside. You will never disappoint your family or friends for bringing them here because they will surely have fun and relax to the fullest where adults can even bring out their inner child and simply enjoy and play around during their stay.

Since Wild Orchid is located alongside the beach, hearing the relaxing waves from the ocean can get rid of any negative thoughts or energy around you plus the hotel has a beautiful garden around the pool that can also help you relax. Seeing something that belongs to nature and full of green color while taking a swim can soothe your feelings.

If it is your first time visiting the place then prepare yourself for its surprises. At Wild Orchid, you will get to experience spacious and beautiful rooms, delicious foods, lively bar, huge and clear pool, close distance to the beach, and many more. Wild Orchid Subic can provide a very good room for you and your family at an affordable price, which is surprising to some because rooms were indeed spacious and clean plus it had a cool and comfortable ambiance that is the key to having a relaxing stay, right?

The foods served by Wild Orchid were very satisfying and even foreign guests appreciate the taste so much. Even picky eaters ended up liking their food, which shows how reliable the good reviews about their food were. You don’t need to think about a crowded pool because the pool at the hotel was designed to be huge enough so that everyone could share the fun of swimming. As said earlier, you can also enjoy the beach if you’re at the hotel. See? You always have a lot of options at hand if you wanted to relax both your body and mind at Wild Orchid Subic.

The staff brings no problem to the guest as well because each was helpful and very friendly. Your problems can be solved quickly because the staff had undergone proper training in order to handle any kinds of concern regarding your stay at the hotel.

You won’t regret coming at Wild Orchid Subic to spend a few days of your summer or short break from work because it has everything you need to spend your personal holiday very well. Enjoy life and remember to give yourself a break once in a while and just relax, remember that your body and mind need it from all the stress of your daily life.

February 26, 2018
by @luciusvros

Wild Orchid Subic: Relax to your heart’s content

Wild Orchid Subic is definitely the place to be if you wanted to experience a good relaxation at Subic. The place offers the majority of things you need to enjoy your short break. Would you like to be near at the beach? No problem because the hotel is located alongside it. Do you want to relax in a room that could fully comfort both your body and mind? Wild Orchid also has it. Do you want to bring your whole family and friends to enjoy both the goodness of a beach and the great accommodation of a hotel in Subic? Then Wild Orchid should be your destination in satisfying those needs. You might find other hotels in the area but it is one of a kind, so don’t hesitate to visit the place because it would surely give you a warm welcome and would satisfy your inner craving for a perfect place to relax.

You won’t find any faults with how their staff performs their job because it’s palpable that everyone is trying their best to give the best service to the guests. However, misunderstandings could come in a few cases but rest assured since the staff could handle them well. With this, previous guests tend to give good comments about the staff for their good service.

Other guests find it amazing to have a spacious room with the amount they paid for since they’re surprised with how affordable the place was yet it exceeds their expectations of a common room. Each room has this luxurious feel where you will feel spoiled with how beautiful and lovely it was and how everything was prepared for you. You will feel like a queen or a king inside the room that indeed gives a grand feeling.

You will be attracted to the rich garden surrounding the pool of Wild Orchid as well so if you’re planning for an outdoor party, the staff could handle it properly for you. It’s also not a problem if you don’t want to swim or take a stroll at the beach or the pool because you could simply spend some time in their in-house gym. You will really feel at the advantage each time you’re at Wild Orchid Subic.

Wild Orchid Subic does not run out of options for you to be excited about and have more fun during your stay at the place. Their food is of quality because each was served fresh and hot and of course has a delectable taste. The staff was also dressed beautifully, depending on the theme or occasion at the hotel. They were all well-mannered and know how to handle misunderstandings and other problems.

Now’s the time to plan for your trip at Wild Orchid Subic and invite the whole family or your close friends, and together witness the great service of the hotel.

February 16, 2018
by @luciusvros
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