Price and alternative: how to implement blockchain into your business with the help of AERO.

In the Wake of a new gold blockchain fever, every day we hear about startups using revolutionary technologies. Blockchain can allow the banking sector to save up to $20 billion annually. Many entrepreneurs are thinking, do not transfer their business to the blockchain. Decide what your tasks will help to solve the blockchain, how much development will cost and whether you want to be a pioneer paving the way for competitors.

Where to start?

Define use case

Why do you need the blockchain? Decide how you would like to "pump" your business. Formulate the tasks of your company and the problems of the business model.

If it is necessary to provide buyers with the history of the origin of the goods, the blockchain will help to record the entire supply chain: where the goods were and how they were treated. Each record in the blockchain depends on the previous one, and it is impossible to replace the data retroactively.

One of the most well — known examples of this is the Walmart initiative, which uses solutions from IBM to form an unaltered history of products throughout their life cycle, from the moment of shipment by the supplier to the customer's purchase of the trading network.

What is the blockchain

It is a register of information, decentralized and immutable. It allows you to distribute, monitor, and store transactions

in a completely secure and transparent way without intermediaries-government agencies or centralized organizations. This speeds up, reduces the cost of processing and allows you to use business models that have not been implemented before due to high costs.

Look for alternatives

Now it is important to understand whether it is possible to solve your problems without blockchain — using traditional relational databases.

Oracle and MySQL are deployed on millions of servers and tested by trillions of queries. Their code is repeatedly tested, optimized and therefore less prone to errors and bugs. When using "established" technologies, it is much easier to find a specialist for the development and support of software products.

And many blockchain solutions on the market are less than two years old. The developers believe that if you have a choice, do not turn to technology, which is still walking "in diapers".

In this sense, AERGO, which includes the language of smart contracts based on SQL, compares favorably with similar solutions.

Learn the examples

If you are sure that you want to deploy the solution on the blockchain, analyze the published cases of its implementation in businesses from your or a close sphere to identify the nuances and assess the effect of the implementation.

The team of AERGO includes developers from BLOCKO (, the company has a successful experience of cooperation with such giants of the Asian industry as Samsung, Korea Exchange, Credit Suisse, Hyundai Motors, Lotte Card.

Case analysis will show what tasks this technology is used for. The main feature of the blockchain-the immutability of information-works like a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it guarantees security, on the other — permanently fixes an erroneous transaction, and to roll it back, you need the consent of the second participant. The blockchain can be returned to the "as it was" state, thereby canceling transactions made after the restore point. A large number of such" kickbacks " can damage the reputation of your business.

Assess possible risks

Most likely, after the introduction of blockchain business processes in your company will change dramatically. This should be provided at the planning stage-at least make a diagram of business processes before and after implementation. To adjust the usual workflow, you will have to spend money to support the updated it infrastructure and further train employees to work with the new technology.

Remember: blockchain does not protect against everything. The human factor is not going anywhere: employees can" cheat the computer " by placing false information in the register. If you want to eliminate the possibility of fraud at the level of the cashier, even after the introduction of the blockchain will have to duplicate control over the situation with the help of classical means like video surveillance.

Do not forget to assess the technological risks — blockchain protocols are new and not without drawbacks. At the end of last year, Ethereum coins equivalent to $300 million were frozen in users ' accounts due to a code error.

To insure against such situations, it is necessary to choose a reliable, proven solution — such as AERGO.

What are the solutions

Create your own blockchain

It is more difficult, longest and most expensive to create your blockchain from scratch, if other offers on the market do not meet the requirements of the business — it will give maximum flexibility.

His blockchain Dragonchain has created one of the largest corporations in the world — Disney. It is assumed that Dragonchain will become a system for trading Disney assets and will help other companies to create blockchain solutions without the cost of hiring the appropriate specialists-already part of Dragonchain is the incubator of blockchain projects.

Use ready-made platform

In order not to create your blockchain from scratch, you can use a ready-made platform such as Ethereum, Hyperledger or Exonum. This SOFTWARE will facilitate the development and integration of different components of a large software project.

This solution is suitable if the company has the opportunity to hire developers and consult with blockchain experts, as the mining company BHP Billiton has done. The blockchain on Ethereum is needed for it to track the movement of ore and coal by transport companies. Now these data are recorded with the help of spreadsheets and there is no guarantee of their integrity: any record can be replaced "retroactively".

With the introduction of blockchain, the results of, for example, mineralogical analysis will come directly from the contractor in unchanged form.

How to organize blockchain development

To deal with the type of Blockchain-as-a-Service

BaaS-Blockchain — as-a-Service is a simpler solution for blockchain technology implementation in The company. This option is suitable for those who do not want to spend money on their blockchain and hire developers.Such solutions are offered by IBM and Microsoft. Here you win in speed, but get into the so-called vendor-lock, which in the future will complicate the change of supplier. Big retailers like Nestle and Unilever decided to follow this path. They work with IBM products.

IBM solutions were resorted to in the transport and logistics company Maersk: there the blockchain is used to manage loading and unloading operations. The technology allows you to track goods in different ports of the world and mark their status. In the future, the blockchain should help Maersk to optimize cargo transportation-to control the availability of empty containers on ships.

The principle of Blockchain-as-a-Service is the basis of the concept of AERGO.

In the end

Before you become "another company using blockchain", determine what it is for you, and look for alternatives. Restructuring of business processes, costs of development and implementation, the risk of transition to unprocessed technology — is not the price too high?

Examine your target market: who is in your or a related field are using the blockchain? Are there cases of real implementations? About these implementations write General words or there are details and nuances? Collect as much information — to once again weigh the pros and cons. You don't want to be a pioneer, whose mistakes are to learn from competitors.

If you decide to follow the "blockchain way", have decided on the case, goals, objectives and possible benefits from the implementation, try to test the pilot version of the solution in the cloud (most likely, you will need a third-party Agency or a team of developers specializing in certain blockchain solutions).

After testing, you will understand how you better deploy the blockchain, make a detailed plan for the implementation of the technology in your business and be able to choose whether to build your blockchain, use a ready-made platform or contact BaaS.

As we have already seen, analyzing the above aspects of the choice of technical solutions, all of the above requirements in the best way meets, implemented with the support of system integrator BLOCKO, public blockchain AERGO.

This project tries to solve one of the main problems of all blockchains — scalability and at the same time allows enterprises and developers to easily design and run their own blockchain applications.

AERGO is a 4th generation blockchain, which is complemented by a modern development platform and designed to automate business processes. It aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem of additional dApps, technologies and service providers that use secure cloud models. AERGO is designed for the corporate sector to enable businesses to benefit from both public and private blockchain-related innovations while at the same time being able to create, deploy and manage new services.

AERGO - how it works

AERGO creates a fast and scalable blockchain Protocol ready for business integration. There are 3 elements that form the AERGO platform: the AERGO Chain, the AERGO Hub and the AERGO Marketplace.


AERGO Chain is a public blockchain that includes the language of smart contracts based on SQL . The consensus mechanism is dPoS (Delegated proof of share). The projected capacity using the technology of the SIDECHAIN is more than 1 million TPS.


Through the AERGO Hub platform users, mostly businesses and developers, can access the computing power to run their applications. It is designed to provide blockchain-based web hosting services to manage individual independent private blockchains based on the AERGO network. It is similar in nature to the popular Amazon AWS public cloud services.

AERGO Marketplace

Designed for trading peer-to-peer computing assets that will include: disk space for data storage, processing power, algorithms, content and other services available on the AERGO platform. Here, any cloud infrastructure company and service providers can offer their products to the users of AERGO.


This token is basically the fuel in the AERGO ecosystem, similar to what we see in most other blockchain projects. It is intended to give its holder the right to certain services available in the AERGO ecosystem.

 More specifically, it is assumed that the tokens will be used for:

 ● start smart contract (AERGOSQL);

 ● DPOS consensus algorithm

 ● payment method for Blocko technical support on Coinstack 4.0;

 ● method of payment AERGO Hub;

 ● payment method for services and assets on the AERGO Marketplace;

 ● payment method for domain AERGO

 The AERGO tokens are also intended to be transferred on the platform.


In General, Aergo has a shining future implementation of the blockchain in the corporate sector, where innovation is combined with economic pragmatism. Therefore, really successful technological solutions have tangible advantages in comparison with competitors.

October 13, 2018
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