Nature problem on of the main topic in our time, because of humanity environment breaking and damaging. Several people believe, that we should spend more time for particular kinds of plants and animals. Other are worried about another environment problem.
On the one hand, if animals and plants waste special kind, nature would lost food chain. For example when began ice Age mammoths couldn't eat, so they died and it's very bad story. And this people want protect other animals and plants from this fate. Also thank for poacher people worries about plant and animal. Some pothunter don't think about other organism such as people. So they calmly kill other living organisms.
On the other hand we have very big problem than little dogs. One of the main problem is ozone layer. If we lose it, so all living thing may die including humans, plants and animals. Also we have problem wich calles "humans". Many people don't think about nature and "dead inside", so they build many factories, polute water, sky etc. Their endless appetite kills the whole planet, at such a pace, our future will disappear and no one will remember us.
In conclusion I think we should think about global problems and hoping for bright future