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Currently, humanity prefer have a lot of engineers and scientists rather than artists and musicians. Therefore I strongly agree with this opinion, because there are many reasons to prove it.


Many people can't combine them life with work. Because of this reason a problems are creating by this situation.

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Recently I have watched Star wars 9 (last) episode and it film gave me some common opinion, so I will explain you why this franchise not so good in our time.


Library need think only about books which containing there and nothing else, such as technological media like software, videos or DVDs. On another hand, it is not so brilliant opinion and I will refute it.


Several people believe that they can easily train without tutor, after that would get best result, but other disagree with this opinion.

Nar chart

The data gives information about consumption of two countries on consumer commodities in 2010.
Overall in contrast with cars which has the biggest in number in both countries (400000, 450000) , perfume has a lowest amount of things (250000, 150000)
First bar wich called "cars" has low amount of percent in the France while in Britain having a maximum number in this graph. Together this numbers almost reach a million.
Other things such as computer and books have spent almost same amount of money. But a computer have the same money in both countries.
Cameras take last but one of the top in this data. France has a lowest number in this information. Thanks for Britain it didn't take last place. Also UK is three times more than France.


In the illustrates how upgraded Meadowside village and Fonton throughout 3 period of time (1962, 1985 and nowadays).
Overall, this two places have been increased and united size. Also in our time have built many object. Such as hotel, station, business park, housing estate and so on. The amount of land doubled.
1962 year was base of innovational progress. At the moment in this state there are only railway which located on Fonton.
In 1985 people going to improve Meadowside village, because of this reason there are many buildings such as liesure complex, housing estate and superstore. Additionally, built a road for cars.
Currently, those two island combined in one big island. Also have constructed some buildings. For example hotel, station, business park. In contrast with 1962 island was increased two times.


Most people believe that government should spend money on public problems rather than contribution to another expensive project in space.


Space is a very mysterious place. There you can find everything and nothing at the same time. Because no one knows what exactly is there. So several people think that humanity don't waste it resources exploring the universe. While others believe that man kind must explore the universe where we living.

Trampoline is working

space is a very mysterious thing in which everything can be, including other life forms, and for creating a contact with them, some scientists think that humanity need to send a letter to make communication with aliens, while others think that it can be very dangerous.