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Global Hydroxychloroquine market expected to fuel by the rising demand for hydroxychloroquine to curb recent COVID-19 outbreak

Global hydroxychloroquine market estimated to grow with a noteworthy rate during the forecast period, 2020–2027. It is owing to the upsurge in demand for the treatment of various diseases such as uncomplicated malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid diseases anticipated to propel the growth of the global hydroxychloroquine market in the upcoming periods. According to WHO, there were 219 million cases of malaria in 2017. The ten highest burden African countries saw an estimated 3.5 million more malaria cases in 2017 compared with the previous year. Additionally, the global demand for hydroxychloroquine has risen sharply, leading to the use of this drug to treat diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Recently, the US FDA issued...

Global Steel Rebar market likely to propel by the growing adoption of steel rebar in the construction and infrastructure industry

Global steel rebar market estimated to grow with a remarkable rate during the forecast period, 2020-2027. Due to the increasing construction output, especially in developing countries such as China, Brazil, and India, and Middle East regions. Additionally, the surge in the number of skyscrapers and high-end building constructions in the Middle East region would contribute to the growth of the steel rebar market. Rebar is commonly known as hot-rolled ribbed steel bars. Its grade is composed of the minimum yield point of HRB and grade. Hot rolling can improve the processing performance of metals and alloys. Moreover, rising building & construction activities supported by a rapidly growing population in developing countries will trigger...

The Global Food Encapsulation market fuel the growth of functional food sector owing to rising millennials and disposable income

The Global food encapsulation market will emerge as a growing market in the forecast period from 2020-2027. Food encapsulation is increasing the food industry at higher growth and will continue to bolster in the forecast period as well. Owing to the increasing millennials population and their busy working schedule are fueling the functional food market.

The global stevia market propels owing to its natural properties which are making it popular for various application

The global stevia market growth will show simulating CAGR in the forecast period from 2020-2027. It contains no carbohydrates or calories and does not cause spikes in blood sugar levels; stevia is considered safe for diabetic people. Stevia extract deemed to be safe and used in food and beverages as food additives.

The Global Seed coating market is rising in the agriculture industry due to improved seed quality, and it accelerates the germination

The global seed coating market size will show substantial CAGR in the forecast period from 2020-2027. Rising technological advancement in the field of agriculture, seed coating improves the quality of seeds and maintain the quality and shape of the grain.

The Global Glyphosate market is rising owing to weed resistance property and witnessing the growing demand for GM crops

The Global glyphosate market will show growth in CAGR in the forecast period from 2020-2027. Glyphosate is a crop-dusting herbicide, also known as roundup. It is a non-selective systemic conductive stem and leaf treatment herbicide.

The India lithium-ion battery market is emerging due to government investment on electric future and lithium-ion battery properties

The India lithium-ion battery market will show accelerated CAGR in the forecast period from 2020-2027. Owing to this, a rising government investment in installing a various battery charging station for the electric vehicle, substitute fuel-based vehicles from battery-based vehicles. In addition to it, the lithium-ion battery has comfortable rechargeable property, lightweight, long-lasting; thus, it perfectly contributes to the electric vehicle market to grow in the forecast period.

The Global Green Building Material market is emerging to minimize pollution and produce energy-efficient buildings

The green building material market will show accelerated CAGR in the forecast period from 2020-2027. Owing to saving energy and resource, protect the environment, provide health and safety to the people, reduce pollution, and work towards making quality life.

The Global Biosimilars market fuel the growth of pharmaceutical industries owing to cost-effectiveness and active ingredients

The Global biosimilars market size will anticipate a remarkable CAGR in the forecast period from 2020-2027. A high amount of investment done by the pharmaceutical sector in biosimilars is proving as an innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Global Forensic Accounting market anticipated augmenting by its growing adoption in the banking sector and government institutions

Global Forensic Accounting market appraised to grow with a significant CAGR during the forecast period, 2020-2027. It is due to the increasing application of forensic accounting to monitor everything and look for every possibility to expose fraud and detect the possibility of fraud transactions. Additionally, the forensic accounting software tools help in audit analytics and monitoring software that helps in auditing and managing financial data for investigators. Forensic accounting uses auditing methods and investigative measures to analyze and solve relevant problems in legal practice.