South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: How to select the best pet that suits your way of life

Adding pets as members of the family could bring a lot of positive things like their presence around the room could push away negative energy and take away the worries of some members of the family. However, if you’re personally planning to adopt one and make it your own, know that it includes important factors to consider. South Bellmore Veterinary Group will provide below some basic yet helpful guide on how to select the best pet that is best suited for your lifestyle.

If you’re currently looking for a pet, you probably have some animals you’re already looking forward to having. But being only interested in them might not be enough reason to keep them because as mentioned earlier, you need to put other elements into consideration. Every animal has its own needs and way of living and as a future pet owner, it is your role to learn about those things while keeping in mind your own routine and lifestyle in order to end up with the pets that are compatible with your way of life.

Many individuals today face a busy schedule all the time, and if you’re one of them, then taking care of very active animals might not be for you. But instead, choose low maintenance animals that don’t require much interaction. And if you’re the exact opposite and you have no problem taking care of active animals like dogs or cats, then go for it.

Let us begin discussing some pets that are included in low maintenance animals. As a first, we start with fishes. For example, you can take care of a goldfish just make sure to feed it every day. The pros of this kind of pet are one, it is cheap plus it is very simple to take care of, while one of its main cons is that it can’t provide the interaction or friendship you can get from active animals such as dogs and cats.

You can go with birds as well since they also don’t need that much attention and monitoring from their owners. You only need to maintain cleanliness on their cage and make sure of enough supply of food and water. You can have a bit of interaction with birds or even form a friendship with them. You can choose between finches, canaries or parakeets, depending on your preferences and budget. There were times that their noise would bother you but South Bellmore Veterinary Group is certain that you’ll often find it fun to hear.

Next step after choosing which animal to take care of is determining which of its breed is ideal for you. You also need to think twice about getting a specific breed since each has its own needs and personalities. Learn if it can get along with your way of life.

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason, it is because they will remain loyal to their owners until the end and will always keep them safe. Knowing about some of its breeds can help you decide which one to keep. Let us begin with Boston Terriers, which are fine even with a small amount of exercise and would rather spend some of their time relaxing beside their owners. Next are pugs which prefer enjoyment or entertainment rather than engaging in thorough exercises, plus they also love a cooler environment. You might like Cocker Spaniels too which have favorable body size, enjoy regular exercise, and are often happy. If you would like to keep bigger dogs then select greyhounds that were known for their active running routine but enjoy being in a quiet place with a perfect napping spot.

Cats are also very active animals similar to dogs, but it sometimes depends on its breeds. But cats are usually happy and cheerful pets that love to play around. Let us first talk about Russian blue cats, which are happy-looking cats that enjoy receiving toys and playing with their owners and spending time with them. They frequently stay composed and have one daily routine. If you’re a quiet person and you wanted a cat similar to your personality, then choose ragdoll cats since they are quiet and gentle animals. But taking care of a ragdoll cat needs you to be prepared with lint rollers and ensuring a regular grooming so that you won’t be stressed out with its shedding. Persian cats, on the other hand, are also quiet and polite cats plus they are very fluffy. They can interact with other people well and enjoy daily grooming. If you prefer cats with some action, Manx cats will amaze you with their ability to jump at any heights.

With those mentioned above, South Bellmore Veterinary Group is looking forward to a smooth process in deciding which pet you should take care of. You can also conduct additional studies to have more bases in choosing the right pet.

February 1, 2018
by @mcleanpitts78

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: How to calm down an anxious dog

If you’re currently living alone with your dog then leaving it at home whenever you need to school or at work is a usual scenario, but this could also lead to unfortunate situations such as your dog developing anxiety due to extreme loneliness. And if this is currently the case for your dog, South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests finding and learning more ways to help ease the stress or anxiety of your pet. This post will introduce you to some helpful methods that can ease the mental condition of your dog where it requires you to be patient and be committed.

We need to fulfill our responsibilities outside our home, thus many of us have no choice but to entrust our home to our pet dogs. You don’t want your dog to suffer from any mental difficulties but if it is diagnosed by its vet that it is having anxiety issues, don’t fret too much but think about how you can help your adored pet during this hard times. Sadly, incidents sometimes occur when leaving a dog alone in a house and one of which is destroying a few things in the house in the process of trying to get outside to find or follow you.

You can’t depend on a single treatment or medication these days in improving the mental condition of your dog. You need to find and apply other methods that can be very easy to follow which will be discussed shortly. Know that dealing with this matter can be very difficult for you and your dog, but with perseverance, proper medication, and help from other people and experts, both of you can survive this struggle. A day where your dog will fully understand your work and responsibilities will definitely come where it will also learn to handle its sadness or stress.

But dogs that live with the whole family often don’t have anxiety issues because they don’t feel alone with the presence of other family members. However, there are some cases where the dog unluckily builds up anxiety and if your family pet dog is one of them, learn how to create behavioral plans that can help diminish the anxiety of your dog.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group is certain that your entire family loves your dog so better discuss this issue with them and get their support in treating the mental concern of your pet. Have a good talk with other family members on how to create a good and positive environment for the dog to avoid anxiety build up. Together with the help and support of your family for your dog, might as well get the service of a certified animal trainer or a veterinary behaviorist to have more effective ways of helping your dog.

In the case of pet owners living alone, you are advised to start changes in your routine or lifestyle in giving aid to your dog’s anxiety. Every morning your dog wakes up, it already knows you’re going out to meet your life responsibilities, so from here on, it unknowingly builds up its anxiety. South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests that from the moment you wake up, find your dog and give it a loving hug and you can also adjust your time even for a little and make room for a short playtime with your pet. Feed him with its favorite food or breakfast or pet it to make it forget its anxiety. And when you’re about to leave the house, talk to it and make it feel your sincerity when telling him that it is your responsibility to work or go to school, even though it can’t understand your words, your emotions will surely connect. You can leave the TV open, organize its favorite toys near to it, or play some good and/or repetitive music to serve as distractions in having negative thoughts or emotions.

Whenever you’re having your day-offs, take your dog with you outside or leave the house for only a short period of time, so that it knows that for the whole week, you have days when you’re coming home very early and will spend time together. Ensure that its physical body is also getting proper nutrition with a balanced diet and proper exercise.

Avoid behaviors that could leave a negative impact on your dog such as getting angry or ignoring its sweet gestures. You can still discipline your dog without using a strict method, and one way is to give treats to your dog whenever it follows your orders. It is harmless but still benefits your dog in the discipline area. You can’t erase its anxiety in one day because you need to be committed to treating its mental difficulty with the help and support of other people especially the experts.

January 29, 2018
by @mcleanpitts78
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