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Brain Monitoring Technologies Gain Adoption for Diagnosing Sleep Disorders

Brain monitoring devices are used to monitor brain activities of the patients during their conscious and unconscious conditions. Some of the monitors are used to measure the oxygen level and provides accurate, consistent measurements of oxygen in tissue.

Future Measures for Treatment of a Brain Aneurysm

Brain aneurysm refers to lumps which are found in blood vessels. It is also known as cerebral aneurysm or intracranial aneurysm. In some cases, brain aneurysm causes bleeding in the brain (i.e. hemorrhagic stroke). The brain aneurysm is most prevalent between age group of 35 to 60. It can be caused by the high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and heredity, abnormal blood flow. The treatment for aneurysm is based on the type of aneurysm and its size.

Nuclear Medicine: An Emerging Field in Science

The discovery of X-rays has brought a revolution in the field of medicine as it allows physicians and scientists to see through a living body. Currently, modern medicine is going through an important change due to the advent of nuclear medicine - one of the most effective forms of treatment available today. Along with molecular imaging, it helps to see the functioning of a body and what’s happening at the cellular and molecular level, thus helping to know the occurrence or progression of a disease, assess new drugs, improve the selection of therapy, track patient response to treatment, and more.

Nurse Call Systems: A Solution for Managing Emergency Situations

Nurse call systems are developed to alert nurses in case of a medical emergency or need for care. These systems are intended for patient-to-nurse communication. On pressing the alert button, a call light and an alert tone are initiated at the nurse's desk. These systems are also used to track a patient, particularly in assisted living or old age centers, or are used to designate an event, in case of ambulatory services. These systems reduce the response time by nurses and doctors, leading to a productive workflow.