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Why Outsource Radiology Services?

Radiology is the therapeutic department for the diagnoses and treatment of injury by using imaging technique like computed tomography (CT), X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), fusion imaging and ultrasound, these imaging techniques involve the use of radiation, therefore, adequate training and understanding of radiation safety and protection is essential.

The Future of Mail-Order Pharmacy

Mail-order pharmacy is a way of getting prescribed medicines delivered at the doorstep. The mail-order pharmacy generally operates through the health insurance plan. However, the person who does not have health insurance can also receive prescribed medicines from online pharmacies. The mail-order medications generally contain a 90 days bulk supply, which is cost-effective to buyers. The service through mail orders is 24/7. Therefore, a buyer can get medicines through websites or telephones.

Future of Genetic Testing Services

In Europe, Genetic testing has been growing at an exceptional rate; a large panel of tests are now offered to screen a number of genetic diseases. Treatments are available for a number of rare genetic diseases, and the process is gaining importance in scenarios, such as carrier testing, newborn screening, predictive, and pre-symptomatic testing, among others. Moreover, European countries have undertaken a number of initiatives to increase awareness among people about the benefits of genetic testing. For instance, EuroGentest is a project funded by the European Commission to harmonize the process of genetic testing, from sampling to counseling, across Europe. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all aspects of genetic testing are of high quality, thereby providing accurate and reliable results for the benefit of the patients. In addition, the UK Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN), an advisory organization in UK, promotes equity of access to genetic testing and provides contracting support to the NHS.

Medical Device Coatings on the Rise

Medical coatings range from lubrications to anti-microbial liquids to water repellent polymers, and each variety of coating is used on a multitude of devices for many different applications. Rising demand for medical devices owing to increasing government expenditures for the construction of hospitals and clinics, and the establishment of public health insurance will further aid industry expansion over the forecast period. However, increasing raw material price and healthcare costs.