How to Use WordPress as a SaaS Platform?

It is assumed that Word press can only be utilized as a blogging forum but wait! You can utilize it for developing the applications as well. Yes you read that right. If you already know what WordPress is and you are familiar with it, you can as an online platform if you are planning to kickoff software as a service (SaaS) business. In addition, in the business startup, you might not be able to find the cheap web developer on Laravel. So why do not you utilize the resources you already have. You may not know, that WordPress function more than 31 percent of the websites and provide all the security and has the ability to produce in a range of capabilities.

This article reveals all the right information about the WordPress so that you can utilize it in the SaaS business; moreover, it will be great degree valuable to learn about the WordPress website development options. Keep reading!

WordPress Cannot Work as a SaaS Platform, a Myth!

According to most of the people’s assumptions, WordPress cannot deal millions and trillions of requests in a month. NO! It is not like that. All you need to do is perform a correct process to deal with the situation. Here to help you guys, I am sharing an experience of a web design company. Back to 5 years from now, a web design company decided to utilize WordPress as a plug-in. They continued getting demands from buyers who needed to utilize the module on other site stages. They understood we expected to rotate, so they changed over our WordPress module to an independent SaaS. By rolling out the improvement from module to SaaS on WordPress, it enabled them to hold full oversight and scale their organization. Despite of the fact, that it was challenging but helps them to learn a lot from it. Here are three hints that helped them.

Contemplate Routing Demands

There is a routing system in WordPress which is complex and difficult to use. They tried swapping the system by installing a customized plug-in that was placed in front of all the things that load a WordPress. This plug-in was then boosted with Slim framework, software that carries out request, if discovers the route, the next step is to filter out the required things. With this filtration when done, it prevent WordPress for allowing unnecessary requests. You are then left with the entire necessary and valuable non-cache request.

Permit a Notification System

If you want to promote and bring more engagement to the website you need to enable the notification system as it serves as the essential marketing tool. But when you enable this panel it also educates and introduces any latest updates and features. So counter this problem you can work around it by structuring your very own straightforward notification framework for in application refreshes. You can make a custom post type that can be named according to your desires and after that you can begin composing warnings. It’s that easy and straightforward. We utilized client Meta to check the condition of the warning, regardless of whether it had been perused or not perused and afterward check it by the user registration panel, date to ensure they your clients just get important notices. Now, you have a unique, simple and easy, throbbing spot that informs clients whenever you have something vital. 

Scale your Support.

It is important to educate your employees to provide effective and efficient customer support whether your company is based on large scale or small scale. Answering the entire customer question and valuing their feedbacks will be beneficial for the business to grow. For the customer support you can create a panel on WordPress which will help you to direct the support requests and allows you to perform live chats, notes, workflow, and easy ticketing. Also, you can have documentation of the users.

Strong WordPress Community

WordPress have a powerful community around it. There are a number of developers who have built numerous plug-INS that have helped to expand the tiny platform of CMS. You can get your desired result by applying minimum efforts.

User’s Management

WordPress allows you to manage users. WordPress’ built-in client framework combined with a decent enrollment module spared a ton of setup time and give about all the usefulness you required with little exertion. We assessed many modules out there including WPMU Membership, Wish List Member, WP E-Commerce Membership and s2Member among others. S2Member was the correct blend of highlights and cost to get a minimal effort application began. Even with the free version of the software you are able to get all of the capabilities that it offers.

Website Security

With the help of WordPress you are able to lock the website with little customization. Having said that, Automatic is the way that sets all the WordPress accessibilities (of which most are free), in the readily plug-in community. S2 member offers you some rough login protection that helps you to secure and lock up the URL or a number of certain pages you want to hide.

Data Management

WordPress offers you to create customize plug-ins for all the possible data management of your application. With that you can create, read, update or delete anything you wish. This system is also known as the CRUD system. It offers the following functions listed below

  • Effortlessly update the content by wp_update_post
  • Store and read configuration options with update_post_meta and get_post_meta
  • Read the data with the WP_Query Class
  • Provide interface URLs for users to edit their content with the custom post type’s public page.
  • Allow users to enable, disable or non-destructively delete the data just by changing the post entry’s published status.

Onboard Experience Customization

To enjoy our application running easily as we kicked things off, we made a custom module that would expect clients to be physically endorsed before they could get to the site. This module likewise empowered clients to enter one of a kind beta keys either at enrollment or post enlistment to initiate their records. We used WordPress’ activity and channel API framework to guide into the client login and enrollment procedures to order our very own status strategies and confirmation approaches notwithstanding WordPress’ giving us better power over who and what number of individuals could get to the framework.

Application Experience Customization

You can customize the applications that you have been offering by simply locking down the access wp-admin. This functionality is offered by s2members so you can easily achieve your desired goal. This enabled you to change where any records were transferred, where your modules existed, and where the substance of/wp-content lived. Obviously, some modules didn’t care for that you were not utilizing standard WordPress ways, so you are expected to change a few records physically to make the document ways coordinated your design. Remember this on the off chance that you choose to change document ways with your application; it makes things somewhat hard for bots to discover, yet it may make some modules harder to incorporate.

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