August 2, 2020



Simple, efficient, and lightweight plugin that will prevent interaction with blocks until the proper permission is granted. This plugins stops all types of block interaction and it even stops bucket use and painting interaction. It also sends a customizable message to the player who is denied building rights. Before you say this already exists just look at how lightweight this plugin is compared to some of the others. This is for server owners who need a building prevention plugin that is as lightweight as possible.

What is the advantage of this?

  • As a server owner myself I have been looking for a long time to find a plugin that just stops my guests from building until they are promoted to the next rank. The only thing I found for this had so many other options that I did not want or need that it forced me to make my own. For comparison the plugin I was previously using was 400 times larger in file size than AntiBuild. Sure, it did a lot more, but I didn't want any of that other stuff.

Main Features

  • Prevents breaking of blocks
  • Allow player to break certain blocks without having to blacklist a bunch of blocks
  • Prevents placing of blocks
  • Allow player to place certain blocks without having to blacklist a bunch of blocks
  • Prevents the use of flint and steel
  • Prevents the use of lava and water buckets
  • Prevents all interaction with paintings
  • Prevents all interaction with item frames
  • Prevents opening chests, furnaces, anvils, beacons, brewing stands, crafting tables, dispensers, enchanting tables, ender chests, and workbenches.
  • Blacklist blocks
  • Lock/unlock building in worlds with a command
  • Simple to use
  • Very efficient checks
  • Extremely lightweight

Per-Block Permissions

AntiBuild allows you to give permissions to players that only allow them to place or break certain blocks. This is very handy when you only want a player to be able to place/break a few blocks. An example use would be an adventure map where a player is only allowed to break stone, log, coal ore, diamond ore, and iron ore. All you need to do is assign the player the permission node antibuild.break.[ID] and replace the [ID] with the block ID of the block you want them to be able to break. If you want them to be able to place only certain blocks you can give them[ID] and replace [ID] with the block id of the block you want them to be able to place.


AntiBuild has a built in feature for blacklisting blocks by their Item ID. This is a 100% optional feature and it is disabled by default. To enable it open the config.yml and change the Blacklist-On value from false to true. Once it is enabled any block ID that is listed under Blacklisted-Blocks will be blocked from placing or breaking. If a player has the permission antibuild.blacklist they will be able to bypass the blacklist check completely. If a player has the permission antibuild.blacklist.[Item ID] (example: antibuild.blacklist.7) they will be able to bypass the check for that item ID only.

World Locking

AntiBuild also has a built in feature for locking worlds that you would normally allow players to build in. This is handy for adventure maps, special events, group builds, or any other reason you can think of to temporarily lock a world.
You can lock a world in game by typing /antibuild lock [world name]. Once this is done only people with antibuild.lock.bypass permission will be able to build. All others will be denied building rights. To unlock a world you would type /antibuild unlock [world name] and this will allow everyone to build that would normally have had access to build. To check and see what worlds are currently locked you can type /antibuilt list and this will display the currently locked worlds.




When you first run AntiBuild the plugin will generate a default config.yml and a lockedWorlds.yml. Do not touch the lockedWorlds.yml (lock worlds with in game commands). There are several options in the config.yml. You may not need to change any of them. See the comments in the config.yml file for information on them. The next option is whether or not you want the blacklist to be enabled. If you already have a plugin that blacklists blocks (or you just don't want to use it) leave it set to false and it will not do anything. If you set Blacklist-On to true you can now start to enter item IDs of the blocks you wish to block. This only supports item IDs because it saves a decent amount of time when checking block break/place events with just he ID instead of the name.
See the default config here.


  • Put AntiBuild in your plugin folder
  • Start server to generate default config.yml
  • Use with the default settings or customize it to your liking and restart or reload the plugin.