August 2, 2020



CaptchaIt is a relatively simple plugin, but is powerful. From a configuration file you can choose either to force users to enter a captcha before they can use the chat or command. The configuration file also offers a range of configurations for you to set.

  • Stops bots from spamming chat or commands!
  • Configuration file to configure the plugin to your leisure.
    • Toggle between Alphanumeric, or Alphabetical Strings
    • Maybe your don't want to generate a random String. In that case you can turn that off, and it will pick a random word/phrase from a list in the configuration file!
  • Messages file so you can edit the messages.
    • This is great if your server is not a natively English speaking server, and you want the messages in your language.
    • It is also great if you just want to be able to change the messages to what you want!

Configuration File

Code (configyml (Unknown Language)):
# if randomGeneration is set to 'true' the plugin will either generate a random alphanumeric, or alphabetical string if alphanumeric is set to 'true' or 'false'
# the length is the length of the randomly generated alphanumeric, or alphabetical string.
# if randomGeneration is set to 'false' the plugin will select a random word from the wordList for the captcha test
# You have to set either chat to 'true', commands to 'true', or both to 'true'. if they are both set to 'false', the plugin will disable itself.
randomGeneration: true
alphanumric: true
length: 6
- Bob
- Joe
- Jack
- Humanoid
chat: true
command: true
Messages File

Code (messageproperties (Unknown Language)):

user.first.join=&2Please pass the human test: &6{0} enter the captcha first: &6{0} enter the captcha first: &6{0}
user.captcha.pass=&2Thank you for proving you are human!