July 5, 2020

How do you create a wallet? BIP Wallet v2.0

BIP Wallet v2.0 is an mApp (Minter App) that runs on a blockage and uses only open source software from the official GitHub web service, the Minter team. The updated version of the official mobile wallet, which was updated on July 1, 2020, presents new convenient functionality and original design.

How to create a wallet.

After you install your wallet on your mobile device and successfully launch the application, you will be presented with the page where you need to choose:
1. Sign in, if you have a previously created wallet.
2. Create wallet, for personal use.
3. Help, a page where you can read the answers to important questions or ask your own.

Sign in

To enter your wallet, you need to insert a phrase in the field of the opened window, your seed phrase, and then click on the button Activate Wallet to enter your crypto wallet.

Create wallet

After you press the "create a wallet" button, a window with the secret phrase of the created wallet will appear.
Important! The secret phrase is issued only once, when you create a wallet. Change and restore the seed phrase is impossible, because only you have access to the wallet. When you create a secret phrase, you need to copy it and save it in several places, without access to outsiders and affiliations. If the key is lost or made public, you will lose your accumulated crypto assets.

After saving the phrase, confirm the execution in the "i have saved the phrase" field and login by clicking on the "Activate Wallet" button.

Your wallet is created and at your disposal.