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Functionality of Minterscan platform.

Minterscan is a dynamically developing large-scale project, which includes services that allow you to analyze the work of Minter blockchain. Minterscan platform has a user-friendly interface with the original design, as well as a function of changing the language, which presents 6 language directions. Each user, regardless of location, has the ability to view and examine any wallet created on the block Minter. On the platform there are the functions, which we will now tell you about.

BIP Wallet v2.0. Delegation.
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Earlier we considered the functions for creating and linking additional wallets. In the updated version of BIP Wallet, added new functionality, which is now parsed. First of all, select the "delegation" tab.

How do I tie an extra wallet? BIP Wallet v2.0
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In the previous article we saw how to create a wallet in an updated version of BIP Wallet 2.0. Today we will describe the capabilities of the updated functionality, for further understanding in using this version.

How do you create a wallet? BIP Wallet v2.0

BIP Wallet v2.0 is an mApp (Minter App) that runs on a blockage and uses only open source software from the official GitHub web service, the Minter team. The updated version of the official mobile wallet, which was updated on July 1, 2020, presents new convenient functionality and original design.


CASHBACK (cash back) - a term that is used in the areas of online trading and banking as a bonus program to attract customers and increase their loyalty. Minter also encounters this term among projects created on the blockchain, where one or another product can be purchased with a BIP coin or a custom project coin.