Minter News
June 13, 2020

Public start of the project

The public launch of the Minter Millor project took place on June 12. The project is presented as a Minter Network engine in social networks of the CIS countries and the European Community.

For new project participants, a Minter training blog has been created where everyone can study in detail and take part in the project. Currently, groups have been created in social networks in Spanish, Catalan, English and Russian. The language community is not limited to this, and we will move on.

The Minter Millor project has its own MILLOR coin. By purchasing and delegating MILLOR, each community member receives:

• Steadily growing coin.

The coin was created on May 1 with a CRR of 65% and an initial reserve of 1,759,285 BIP, today it reserves more than 2.3 million Bip. The bulk of the rewards received from the MILLOR delegation are used to increase the reserve and, accordingly, the coin rate.

• Revards.
Daily rewards that increase by increasing the rate of a coin by purchasing the MILLOR by the project itself.

• Participation in the monthly lottery.
The first lottery was held on June 1, where the main prize was 3,000 BIP. Each month the prize will increase by 1000 BIP and by the end of the year it will be 9000 BIP. To take part in the lottery, you need to delegate a MILLOR coin with an equivalent of 1000 BIP. The more coins delegated, the more tickets you get, respectively, the more chances to win and get another prize.

• Profitable delegation.

For MILLOR coin delegates, the Minter Capital validator offers a commission of only 1%.

By purchasing and delegating the MILLOR coin, you also participate in promoting the Minter Network to the masses, which is an important step for the project. Despite the active work of the Minter team, we, as a community, must support the project on our part. Minter is a global project, the scale of which is immense and that we can achieve by working together. MILLOR translates to Best! Be the best at your job, be with Minter 🚀