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Why Is the G&G Raider So Popular?

Those who spend any appreciable amount of time playing airsoft and convening with others who play airsoft are going to come across some of the favorite pieces of equipment in the game. There are popular airsoft sniper rifles and gas blowback pistols modeled on Glocks (and others) and then there are popular AEGs, which arguably are more popular even than these.

How Size and Weight Affect Airsoft Ammo

Much like how there is a lot of misinformation about the type of “bullets” that most firearms shoot, there is a large amount of variety in airsoft ammo, and some finer points even overlooked points, can impact performance. For example, airsoft BBs can be made to be biodegradable and without seams, among other factors. Here we’re going to take a look at how the size and weight of airsoft BBs will affect performance.

Must-Have Airsoft Accessories and Attachments

Anyone who is serious about airsoft knows that there are some essential airsoft accessories and attachments that you just can’t do without. This will vary according to the needs and preferences of the player, but start with this guide, and if you find that you need other types of accessories or attachments, add them to your own list.

A Few Different Types of Airsoft Batteries

AEGs, or Automatic Electric Guns, need batteries to power their gears and actuate their actions. Actually, any electric airsoft gun is going to require a battery to operate it, and a fairly specific battery at that. Unlike many simpler devices that take universal AA or AAA or even 9V batteries, airsoft batteries have a few more facets, so here we’re going to shed a little light on some of the different types of airsoft batteries.

Three Great Uses for a Smoke Grenade

There is so much gear that you might make a habit of carrying on your airsoft gun or in your pack - what’s one more? A lot of it probably never sees the light of day either, realistically having been added because it was “cool” or even legitimately useful. The thing is, in order for a thing to see its purpose, you have to remember you have it when the time to use it arises. If you don’t it will just remain in the darkness in your vest or at the bottom of your pack.

For Quality and Innovation, Look to KWA Airsoft

There’s nothing wrong with the standard features of so many of the spring, gas, and electric airsoft rifles and pistols out there on which so many players rely. Different tastes rule in the game of airsoft, and an AEG that works perfectly for one player's needs might be a clunker in the hands of another.

More Than Airsoft Guns: Other Essentials of the Sport

Airsoft guns probably take all of the glory when it comes to the sport of airsoft. Very rarely does anyone get really gassed about a particular attachment, a type of magazine, a brand of BBs, or other supporting gear. Yet airsoft is about tactics, strategy, and cooperation, and the gear you use in play, much like the people you engage with, must work together for success.

How to Pick Out the Best Airsoft Starter Gun

While there is no one single best way to go about picking out the best airsoft starter gun, there are a number of things you can look for to make the process more practical and approachable. Rather, there are a number of starter guns that would work reasonably well for most players and the trick is to find the best starter gun for you. It might be different from the best one for your friend, or even for the other players on your team in a match. One size rarely fits all, so keep these in mind.

Elite Force Airsoft Guns Are the Ultimate Tools

Regardless of whether your favorite thing to do is to practice or train with airsoft or to take park in days long military simulation matches, the focus of your gear is probably on the airsoft guns you use when you play. A lot of the time, the question of desirable qualities in airsoft guns are a matter of personal preference and not entirely tied to some objective metrics. Other times, there are qualities that are best defined by the rigors of a match or a specific situation. There are times when a gas blowback pistol is a more effective tool than a large carbine in the form of an AEG. In terms of qualities and features, these can vary just as much.

Looking for a Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol? Start Here

Modeled after the immensely popular Glock 19, it’s not surprising that airsoft versions have earned the same degree of popularity. You can find many versions of a Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol available and each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Also, sometimes you just need to get familiar with an airsoft pistol and find out what is most comfortable in the hand and works best for you. If you’re looking for an airsoft pistol designed after the Glock 19, check these models out.